The Aeroplane, No. 14, Vol. 5, October 2nd 1913

1 #She Aeroplane. October 2,1913. Have You visited HENDON recently? A VISIT to tlie London Aerodrome -at the present time is a revelation even to the student of flying. The skill of the pilots is improving to such an extent that ex­cellent exhibitions take place in practically any weather. Races have been flown in rain and even in 30-mile Winds, whilst displays have been given in winds of 40-50 miles an hour. There are a large number of aeroplanes of all the popular types regularly flying, including fast ,little Morane-Saulnier Monoplanes (in which passejiger-flights can .now be obtained), Bleriot Monoplanes, Caudron, Maurice Farman, Henri Far­ man and Grahatne-White Biplanes, and it is not unusual for 14 or 15 different pilots to fly during one afternoon. The crowd at last Saturday’s race meeting eclipsed all pre­vious records, the flying providing an excellent display, includ­ing some very close and exciting races for the International Trophy. The “Aerial Char-a-banc” is now available for “party” passenger llights and cross-country trips. An at tempi is to be made to-day (Thursday) with this machine to break the world's record for 10 passengers. OCTOBER FIXTURES. NEXT SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4th 1st OCTOBER MEETING. Event No. 1. GRAND SPEED HANDICAP. SPECIAL EXHIBITION FLIGHTS. Event No. 2. A L TIT U D ECON TEST SPECIAL EXHIBITION FLIGHTS. October 9th. DESPATCH -CARRYING RELAY RACE. October 11th. 2nd AUTUMN MEETING. THURSDAY, October 16,1913.11 Weekly Dispatch ”Day. October 18th. EDGWARE MEETING. October 25th. 2nd OCTOBER MEETING. FLYING DAILY -SPECIAL EXHIBIT IONS, THURSDAY S, SAT U R &SUNDAYS DAYS, From 3 p.m., till dusk. (Weather permitting.) _ Admission, 6 d .,1/2/6 (Children H alf-price) .Motors (including Chauffeur), 2/6. Printed for Tin. A oi-k lap ni: and General Prm.ism.w. Company, Passage, London, .CE .and Published by Wm. waD son &Branches in Canada, Toronto, Montreal, and Winnipeg An “AERIAL DERBY ”SOUVENIR. Price 2d I N consequence of the big demand for copies of the Official Programme of the recent Aerial Derby, a number have been reprinted, and will be forwarded to any address in the kingdom for 2d. each, post free. This programme forms a complete and vastly interesting souvenir of what was undoubtedly the most successful aerial event of the year. lt consists of 4S pages with a coloured cover, and contains a picture of the start of the iyi2 Aerial Derby. There are drawings and detailed descriptions of all the 1913 Aerial Derby machines by Mr. Max Millar, viz. :the Moranc-Saulnier Mono­plane (the winning machine), the Bleriot Monoplane (winner of the Sealed Handicap), the Martinsyde Monoplane (second in the Derby 'and Sealed Handicap), the Caudron Tractor Bi­plane, the Sopwith Tractor Biplane (flown by Mr. Hawker), the Henri F :man Biplane (the only machine that carried a passenger), the Avro Tractor Biplane and the Deperdussin Monoplane. There arc: al. o portraits of the Aerial Derby pilots, i.e., (iustav Hamel, Lieut. Porte, Pierre Verrier, Robert Slack, Harry Hawker, Philip Marty, W. L. Brock, P.F. Raynham, 11. Barnwell, B. C.Hucks, and Edouard Baumann. Mr. C.G. Grey, Editor of The A ore plane ,also contributes interest­ing sketches of the careers of these aviators. In. addition, portraits of the following other Hendon pilots are included :C. Grahame-White, R.T. Gates, Loui> Noel, Norman Spratt, George W. Beatty, M.D. Manton, G.Lee Temple, Reginald Carr W.and Birchenough. On pages 24 and 25 there is a double-page map of this year’s course, and 011 page 38 appears a photograph of the “Daily Mail” Cup which was won by Mr. Hamel. There is, too, an extract from the Aerial Derby regulations, together with a short history of The London Aerodrome. Every reader of The A ore plane should certainly have one of these souvenirs for future reference, and as the supply is not likely to last very long, early application should be made to The London Aerodrome Offices, 166, Piccadilly, London, W.“All about the Flying at Hendon ”THIS is the title of a handy little book, charmingly illus­trated, that contains all the information you need about the flying at Hendon—fixtures, pa$$enger-flights, cafes, racing, routes to the Aerodrome, etc. It will be sent post free to any address on application to The London Aerodrome Offices, 166, Piccadilly, W.,and if you are desirous of increas­ing the public interest in flying we shall be pleased to send you a quahtjty of these booklets for distribution amongst your friends. LONDON AERODROME, HENDON. Proprietors: The Grahame-White Aviation Co., I^d: HENDON. LONDON. 166, Piccadilly, W .Phone: Kingsbury 120(4 lines) Phone :Mayfair 5955. Wires:“ Volplane, Hyde, Wires:“ Claudigrani, Piccy, London." London." Limited ,by Bonner &Co., The Chancery Lane Press, Rolls Sons ,Limited ,at Rolls House, Breams Buildings, London, in South Africa :Capetown, Johannesburg, and Durban.
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