The Aeroplane, No. 14, Vol. 5, October 2nd 1913

October 2,1913. She Aeroplane, 391 THE Course of Tuition at THE GRAHAM HE-W ITE AVIATION SCHOOL is divided into seven stages. Stage 4 :THE FIRST FLIGHTS. The pupil now makes short, low flights, straight across the aero­drome, unaccompanied the instructor. He learns how to gauge distance and height, and how to land correctly.—Write for illustrated prospectus from Grahame-White School, Loudon Aerodrome, Hendon, N.W. W H. EWEN SCHOOL OF FLYING,. CAUDRON BIPLANES &MONOPLANES. Flying and practical construction. Thorough tuition for ordinary and superior brevets. If you seek the best machine and the best equipped School, enquire what the Eweu pupils are doing 0x1 the Caudron. W.H.EW EN AVIATION CO., LTD., London Aerodrome, Hendon. STICK E RS, LTD .—AVIATION SCHOOL at Brook- V lands. Thoroughly graded tuition from slow biplanes to fast monoplanes. bEast o urn e a v i a t ion c o .,ltd .—Hydro- biplane, biplane and monoplane tuition. One of the best equipped schools in England. Bleriot, Bristol, and Farman machines. Exhibition and Passenger Flights.—For terms and full particulars, apply AERO­DROME, Eastbourne. Her bert spencer flying school ,Brook- lands Aerodrome, Weybridge. Tuition and practical constructional work, ^50. Passenger flights 2110111£ 2S . ITT ION FOR THE AIRSHIP PILOT’S CERTIFI­CATE. Inclusive fee j£ioo. Special terms to Naval and Military Officers. New regulations requir­ing twenty ascents come into force January ist, making course more difficult and expensive, so take the opportunity of qualifying now under present con­ ditions.—T H E WILLOWS AIRCRAFT COMPANY, LTD., The London Aerodrome, Hendon. THE SH O REH AM FLYING SCHOOL is now ill a .position to offer exceptional terms to those wish­ing to qualify-for their R.Ae.C. Certificate. Particu­lars 011 application.- -Shorehaiu Aerodrome, Sussex. I MACHINES. Dunne patent safety a ore planes ,single and two-seater types, mono or biplane.—T h e Blair A tho All ore plane Syn cid ate ,Lt id., ,Queen Victoria Street, London. Tel. 834 Bank. I j’ OR SALE .—50-h.p. Bleriot monoplane, incomplete every respect, less engine. Newly overhauled and exceptional bargain. ^65.—Box 505, c/o The Aeroplane, 166, Piccadilly, W. rr H PARE SONS’ BIPLANE ,70 Gnome, So valves JL excellent condition suitable for exhibition work would make good seaplane price £350110 offers also a lot of useful material, tanks, radiators, etc., going cheap.—Apply, Muller ,Shed 6, Brooklauds. PROPELLERS. BLACKBURN PROP ELL E RS.— Quick delivery standard types in stock. Metal-tipped for hydro­ aeroplanes, as supplied to the Adm iralty.—T h e Black ­bur nAe r o plane Comp any ,Leeds. LANG PROPEL LE RS.— British mamufactui': throughout have been used by all the leading aviators with unqualified success during the last three years Standard propellers kept in stock special types can be delivered in a few days.—LA N G AG, RN ETT, and CO., RiverSide Works, Weybridge. KINDLY MENTION “THE AERO PLANE” WHEN EMPLOYMENT WANTED. CHAUFFEUR with good knowledge of motors wishes situation in aviation will start with very small wages.—Apply toO. Bach ,New Mains, Drem, Haddingtonshire. T\ERr IF DIE PILOT, inexperienced design and\ J construction of aircraft, used to control of men, desires position of trust, or would pilot absolutely reliable.—Box 516, c/o The A ore plane ,166, Picca­dilly, W. WANTED ,work in the aeroplane or airship line any kind or condition of work for a respectable wage.—J. Brown ,47, Ditchling Rise, Brighton. PILOTS WANTED. WANTED ,experienced pilot small wage and com­mission 011 exhibitions, etc.—Box 517, c/o The A ore plane ,166, Piccadilly, Loudon, W. MISCELLANEOUS. p FORGE LEE TEMPLE has vacant dates for vJT exhibition flights. Passengers carried at Hen­ don.—T e m p le, Hendon Aerodrome. U AKD V \ uuDcd lor A eroplanes, Air-dried Timber, specially selected, as supplied to leading construc­tors. Silver Spruce, Ash, Parang, Mahogany, Hickory and Ash Skids, Walnut, Three ply. Laminated blocks, guaranteed perfect timber supplied for propellers.— Wm. laM lin son and Sons ,Ltd .,130, Hackney Road. ’Phone 4770 Wall. MODELS. DING QUALITY” Monoplane the“ fly-every-time” machine price, 30s genuine Chauviere IN­TEGRAL Model Propellers new type high efficiency Lists on application.—The W. R. Ding Comp any ,24 Villa Road, Hands worth, Birmingham. T. W.K, CLARKE &Co., Hampton Wick, Middlesex, 'Phone: Kingston 869. The Pioneer Aeronautical Mod eland Accessory Manufacturers, supply everything for the Model Aeroplane. Our New Illustrated Models C atalogue now ready, Contains Sopwith Tractor, Deperdussin, B leriot, Canard, Clarke Mono, etc., all beautiful, well made machines, with full list of parts. Send 2d. for this and Accessory List. Clarke Propellers are perfection, 2d. per 1 in.Elastic period. doz. yds S. J. KEMP &Co., CROWN WORKS ,Kings to n-on- T h a mes (Many Years Head Modtl-maker to Messrs'. T. W.K .Clarke &Co: )Every Requisite for Model A eroplanes. Send Id. for List. Models o f Every Description built promptly. P/tone 321 Kingston. Tele/rams "Garage. Kingston-on-Thames.” CATERING A T HENDON. Visitors to Hendon can be sure of good food well served at the“ A E R O-RES TAU RANT ”Next the gate of the Aerodrome. Hot Lunch from 1/6. Tea From 6d. —USE ONLY THE —“WARREN” SAFETY HELMET. Most Comfortable and Practical Helmet made. FULL PAR TIC U LARS —W.T. WARREN,“ Ferndale,” Mount RdHendon. CORRESPONDING WITH ADVERTISERS.
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