Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 9

4 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET You might have thought that a rest would now have been granted, but no! Lord Methuen' knew better. Me had heliographic information from Kimberley that Cronje with 3,000- Boers was marching to the support o f the defeated and disheartened Free Staters, and he believed in Napoleon's game o f accumulated smash.” Money Nest looK f yielded its sweet­ness and ammunition, and then on Tuesday came the blood)' fight on theM odder River. This action came slight!)* as a surprise to the military authorities at home, as Spvfontein appa­rently offered far finer opportunities for defence. Cronje, however, knew that tlie Kimberley garrison was making sorties at his back, and he wished to get the fight over as faraway from the sound o f Kimberley guns as possible (theM odder River is tw enty-four miles front Memorial ia the graveyard at Ladysm ith. Erected by their comrades in memory o f omen f the Royal Irish Rifles, 1S97-99 Kimberley, and Spytfontein only thirteen)* Me and his eight thousand men awaited the advance o f M ethuen, knowing that theM odder River prevented any outflanking movement, and hardly suspecting that a numerically inferior force could possibly carry his undoubtedly strong position. But C ronje did not know our men. The fight begun at dawn, while the air was yet cool and the Boers were still full o f sleep. The Artillery prepared the way after skirmishes had gone on between our Cavalry and Mounted Infantry and the en em y’s outposts. The Guards held the righto four position, the 9th Brigade (under M ajor-G eneral Pole-Carew )the left. For ten hours the battle raged amid the sun,burning and for ten hours the Artillery sweated and belched forth their deadly missiles. A t last the Boers broke up and gave way, Pole-C arew got across the river, and the severest battle o f the whole campaign ended in a triumphant victor)- for British arms.
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