Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 9

BLACK .AND WHITE BUDGE'l KRUGER’S CHRISTMAS PARTY. Oh! Uncle’s giving a party and he’s asked us all to come: We’ll be there! We’re toddling up from Durban town behind the fife and drum :We’ll be there! T h ere’s some from Dublin city, T h ere’s some from out the West The Devon lads“ veel vitty,” T h ere’s Gordons with the rest. O h !Uncle, don’t you trouble, for mother’s paid the fare:We’ll be there, we’ll be there !So please you, Uncle Paul, Light the lantern in the hall, W e know we’re welcome as the flow’rs in May Just keep the pudding hot For the lively little lot Who are upcoming to dinner Christmas Day. W e’ve got some little sailor-m ween, thought you w ouldn’t mind :They be’ll there !We’re bringing them to see our Uncle Paul, so good and kind :They be’ll there !They have come across the ocean, They would like some tea and buns Then th ey’ll just give you a notion How they work their little guns. No, Uncle dear,th ey’re not at sea, they travel everywhere :They be’ll there, they’ll be there !So please you, Uncle Paul, Just arrange a little ball (Th e y ’re having one or two upon the way) They a’re lively little crew And they want to speak to you, So th ey’re upcoming to dinner Christmas Day. Pretoria’s a place w e’ve often wanted to behold :We’ll be there! You ’ve got some fine large houses there,at present, w e’ve been told :We’ll be there! Perhaps I may just mention W e are upcoming in style, And with the firm intention O f remaining for awhile. Still, Uncle, don’t you worry, there is time enough to spare: We’ll be there, we’ll be there! So please you, Uncle Paul, See that there’s enough for Tall h ere’s fifty thousand Tom m ies on the way And somewhere in a bag They have got a little flag T o stickup in the pudding Christmas Day !Fred C.S male .Printed and Published b they Black and White Pub l i hings Comp any, miL i ted ,63, Fleet Street, Lon don ,KC .Dec. c, 1899.4
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