Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 9

BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET 3 HERE BEGINNETH THE SECOND LESSON .------------>—•e <-------------LAST week we told our readers to keep their eyes on Belmont, and those eyes have •surely been opened. VVe heard how Lord M ethuen, himself one o f the hardest-w orking and most go-ahead officers in the British Army, had let his men take only the bare necessities o f life and of battle. H e saw how the Free State Boers had been picnicking on the Orange River and round Kimberley, and he meant to show them that British soldiers play another game. A strong force o f Beers were lyin glow here, and Methuen advanced to clear them •out. On Thursday, November 23rd, his men moved swiftly out ere yet the dawn had broken, and though he could not quite reach the enemy while it was yet dark, the first ridge was carried with ease. The second ridge cost more blood, and so stiff was the defence -of the third, that in spite o f splendid shrapnel work by our guns, the Guards lost many a The victorious General. Lord M ethuen when lie was Colonel the Hon. Paul M ethuen, o f M ethuen’s Horse, M afeking, and commanded the lield force in Bechuanaland in 1884-5 brave man in the last charge home. But home they got, and with a shout o f triumph our men dashed upon the foe and plied their bayonets as only British soldiers can. The Northam ptons, the York shire Light Infantry, and the Northum berland Fusiliers, as well as the Guards, were all in at the finish, and the 9th Lancers had some hard work in finishing the fight. Eilslin ,near G ras Pan Station, is not many miles further along the railway, but the Boers hardly expected us to be on their heels so hard. The day after the Belmont battle was no day o f forrest us. VVe marched on, and on Satu rd ay, the 25th, the advance on the enem y’s second position began. The Guards were holding the baggage, and defended an attack on the rear, while the Naval Brigade made for a kopje on which our artillery had poured hundreds ol shells. The wily Boer, however, had only pretended to be quiet, and eur gallant tars were simply mowed down by a murderous fire from the heights above. A moment o f hesitation (who would grudge it ?),and then on they dashed again, and over the •brow they swept, to their own eternal glory.
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