Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 8

6 BLACK AXD WHITE BUDGET Tin-: Queen's idea to give a little personal present to every soldier at the front is as graceful and) touching as ever}' thought of her Majesty for her people. The present is to take the form of a cake of chocolate, packed in a tin specially designed for the occasion. These are the legends on the mountings of two of the naval guns at Ladysmith :—“Those who sup with me will require a devil of along spoon.” “Lay me true and load me tight And the Boers will soon be out ot sight.” The appeal for funds for various charities connected with the war are meeting with responses from quarters as different as the workhouses and the colleges of Oxford, the Riviera and the fishing villages of England. Peers, publicans, jockeys, actors, nurses, lawyers, almost all classes and professions, are giving generously and with good-will. But where,as the Daily Mail appropriately asks, are the South African millionaires ?Mr. Winston Churchill, of the “Morning Post "—Wounded and captured, near Estcourt Sir Godfrey Yeatman Lagden, K.C.M.G., who holds the Basutos back Colonel n .im r,t mmanding column in ii^chuanaland Captain Fitzclarence, who led the night attack ai Mafeking Mr. Parslow, of the “Daily Chronicle ”—Accidentally killed at .Mafeking Lieut. Pomeroy, 5th Dragoon Guards, who saved the life of a trooper, November 3rd There is a fine story told of a brave woman at Lady Grey. She is postmistress of the town, and when the Boers came to seize the post-office, she absolutely refused to give it up. She substituted the Union Jack for the Free State Hag, and tore down the Boer proclamation annexing the district, inputting its place the Governor’s proclamation against treason. The Boers have now gone, but the postmistress is still there— and likely to remain. Here is a story of Sir Redvers Bulier and Lord Charles Beresford. They were coming down the first cataract of the Nile together and argued as to the best channcl to take. The Army outdid the Navy in argument.“ I was right, you see,” said Sir Redvers, when the channel had been successfully navigated. “Not at all,” replied Sir Charles :“1 knew it was the right one, but advised the other, as 1 knew you’d oppose whatever I recommended.” What is the worst of being a soldier? Some say the marching, and sometimes they must be near the mark. The march from Dundee to Ladysmith tried the Tommies pretty severely. Some fell asleep on the road, sinking down from sheer fatigue. Dry biscuits, muddy water, and salt meat were all they had to eat. The horrors ot an engagement are nothing to this, but the opening of a battle when the firing is at long range is, according to an officer writing after Elandslaagte, the time when one feels most inclined to run awav. “To each is suffering:.”
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