The Sea Cadet, No. 11, Vol. 2, July 1945

FIGURE 5. able colour cloth or paper cut to measurement 16} inches by 11 inches. Brush over the whole surface with glue. Take your book with apiece of thin cardboard cut to the size of the page, each side, and place squarely on the glued cloth. Press down one side firmly and then draw the cloth over the other side. (By this means you ensure getting the width of the back exactly.) Open out your cloth flat and the two pieces of board will be in position takeaway the book and press the cardboard firmly down. Bend over edges EE first, followed by edges FF, press firmly down and allow to dry. Figure 6.—The cover is fitted to the book by gluing H toG and J to K. Leave to dry in a press. Figure 7.— According to taste, the cover can be finished plain or ornamented by cutting the profile from one of the monthly covers and pasting as shown. Figure 8.—Care should betaken in opening anew book, and one of the best methods is to lay the book on its back with the cover open. Now lay down, press­ing gently one page at a onetime, left, one right, work­ing to the centre. This is well worth doing and will enable the pages to open evenly. The completed book can now take its place on your favourite bookshelf, and will beheld in your mind as one of your masterpieces owing to the fact that you yourself bound it, and also for the good material of knowledge it contains. Notes Any local bookbinder or stationery shop will be pleased to let you have the materials for a few pence. Cloth.—Bookbinding cloth is the best, but whatever you use make sure it is cut the way of the web. Mull.— Rough linen will do for this. Glue.—When gluing up the back, use it fairly stiffish, but when covering the cloth sides it should work easily —brush well out. (If there is any point in these instructions which is not quite clear, send your query to the Woolwich Sea Cadet Unit, Conway Road School. Plumstead, London, S.E.18.) FIGURE 6.1 FIGURE 323
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