The Sea Cadet, No. 11, Vol. 2, July 1945

How to Bind a Volume of•• The Sea Cadet ”By LIEUTENANT WILL CLARK, R.N.V.R. (Woo lw ic h Unit) Many o f you have been wondering how and where you could get your copies of The Sea Cadet bound into volumes. Why not do it yourselves? Bookbinding is a fascinating as well as a thoroughly useful and instructive hobby, and if you follow the instructions on these pages carefully there is no reason why you should not make an excellent job of it. Some of you may care to make it an annual book, ending at December. Others may choose, as we do our­selves, to end the volumes at the end of August, as our first issue appeared on 1st September, 1943. Figure 1.— Remove all monthly covers and wire clips, check parts for proper rotation, add contents sheet and flyleaves of a substantial paper, atone front and atone back. (The covers may,o f course, be re­tained indeed, in view o f the various cover designs, cadets may wish to do this and you may not all con­sider a contents sheet necessary, as this entails a great deal of work and time.) Figure 2.— A wooden sewing frame should be made to hold the binding tape in position when the book is sewn. Place the parts on atone a time and sew together with strong white thread, finishing each stitch off with a half-hitch knot at AA. Remove from frame and cut tape to about 1£ inches, glue over on flyleaves. Fig u res 3a and 3b.— Cramp and trim down with a chisel or sharp knife to dimensions 7 inches wide by 9£ inches long. Before removing from the cramp, colour the edges by adding a small quantity of ink on a tooth­brush, stroking the bristles with a matchstick. which will flick ink spots and give a mottled effect. Figure 4.—Cramp the back edge as indicated, press­ing the book to the required shape B, damp back edge with thin glue and lightly hammer to shape C. Paste suitable size piece of brown paper toD cover stitches. Stand aside and allow to dry in cramp. Now glue tapes to flyleaves, then take apiece of “mull ”or coarse linen, cut it to the length of the back and wide enough to give you 2 inches each side of the back (approxi­mately 9 inches by 5 |inches). Glue this down on the back only. Figure 5.—To commence the cover, choose a suit­ 322
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