The Sea Cadet, No. 11, Vol. 2, July 1945

VOL. 2 NO. II JULY 1945 THE SEA CADET OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE SEA CADET CORPS PRICE 6 d Published Monthly EDITORIAL OFFICES, cc THE SEA CADET, GRAND BUILDINGS, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON, WC2 About Ourselves The war in the East goes very well. Okinawa is now in the hands of the Allies, the Australians are pressing on gallantly in Borneo, the Burma campaign has made great strides and, above all, the strength and power of the British Navy are being massed for decisive blows against the abhorrent Japanese. But it is more than ever apparent that it will be along and costly business and, as we have so often told you before, the war in the Pacific still needs our strongest effort. GOOD CITIZENS This General Election, which has been taking the chief interest of this country, is, writing literally, no concern of yours, but really and accurately it is your concern. It will decide the form of government under which you will live during the next five years, by which time nearly all of you will have a vote. It will decide how the country is to deal with other countries, enemy, friend or indifferent. It will also decide how you yourselves, and the wives and the children which you will have, are to be governed. It is of immense importance to the future of the country which you have served, gallantly and faithfully, and for which, if fate so wills it, you may have to fight on the seas. Whether your own politics or those of your family are Conservative, Liberal or Socialist—whether your vote, if you had one or when you have one, would be cast for this candidate or the other—is, however, of much less impor­tance than that the vote should be cast and that it should be cast according to convictions arrived at after a sensible and painstaking Inconsideration. other words, if you do not take an intelligent and serious interest in the affairs of your country, you are a useless member of the community. The good citizen, which you want to be, never says that “politics don’t interest him ”or that “voting at an election is a waste of time,” because he understands quite well that voting is a privilege, aright and a duty for everyone. So the more you read about the election, the more you try to understand what is being decided, the better for you, and your country, and your Service, when you are a few years older. PRIZE ESSAY Articles received in this office from cadets have been few and far between. Of those we have received we have pub­lished the best. But we suspect that among your ranks are embryo authors, and these pages should be able to rely more on your efforts than they have done in the past. And so this month we offer a first prize of two guineas, and a second prize of one guinea, for the best essay written by a Sea Cadet. The subject is “Why 1 Like being a Sea Cadet,” and the essay should be 1,000 words in length. Essays should reach us at The Sea Cadet Editorial Offices, Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, W .C.2, by 1st August. Each essay must be your own individual effort (in other words, you must not receive any help) and must be countersigned by your commanding officer. The Editor’s decision will be final. UNIFORMS We are still being asked how Sea Cadet officers who are leaving the Corps should dispose of their uniforms. Once again we can only suggest that officers should get in touch with Area Officers when they wish to dispose of uniforms, remembering when they do so that condition and measure­ments should be carefully stated. Rockets are now being used to assist carrier-borne planes to takeoff with heavier loads and greater speed. Ratings fixing rockets, filled with cordite explosive charges, on a Seafire 321
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