The Sea Cadet, No. 10, Vol. 2, June 1945

ASSOCIATED MOTORCYCLES LTD PLUMSTEAD ROAD, LONDON, S.E.I8 UNDER the severe conditions of war— whether in the sands of the desert or the mud of Europe—the MATCHLESS stands supreme in reliability and per­formance. No wonder the boys who ride the robust MATCHLESS say “It’s the right machine for the job.” Therefore when the time comes to choose your Motor­cycle— make it a MATCHLESS a machine of which you will be justly proud. YOU CAN TELL AN ARMY MATCHLESS BY THE TELEDRAULIC FORKS ANSWERS TO MAY QUIZZES THE CODE KEYWORD Answer: SUBMARINE. The paragraph reads: A marine is not the name of a man who goes to sea in a submarine, but the men who do man these small craft, whatever the weather, sun or rain, have many good stories to tell to the marines. CIPHER Three enemy aircraft have been ob­served dropping mines east of my area. DO YOU KNOW ?1. Freeboard. 2. One and a halftimes the length of the boat. 3. Jetson, or jetsam. 4. A fid. 5. Cordage. 6. The height of the waterline above the lowest part of the ship. 7. Gunnery. 8. Taranto. 9. H.M.S. Courageous. 10. Admiral Scheer. 11. 31st May, 1916.12. Purple. 13. A type of emergency life-saving raft. 14. The buoy, the gun. the keel, the shackle. 15. A swallow-tailed broad flag. 16. Richelieu. 17. Commodore (now Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Harwood) H. H. Har­ wood. 18. A raw recruit. 19. When she is not at anchor, or made fast to a buoy, or to the shore, or aground. 20. Blue Peter. 21. Commodore, 2nd Class. HOW MANY CAN YOU SCORE? 1 . Starboard.(5) 2. City o f Flint. (10)3. Royal Marines. (5)4. Three years or over. (5) Eight or over. (5) Thirteen or over. (5)5. Cossack. (5) Josingfiord. (10)6. Washstrake. (5) Rowlocks. (5) Poppets (or shutters). (5)7. Moonstone. (10)8. 3rd Officer. W.R.N.S. (5) 2nd Officer. (5) 1st Officer. (5) Chief Officer. (5) Superintendent. (5) SPOTTING AIRCRAFT Top—Seafire Mk. I. Bottom—Curtis Seagull. CROSSWORD SOLUTION ACROSS.— 1, Fly 2, Doldrums 7, Gripes 9, Wet 10, Raps 13, Wise 14, Enemy 15, Ovens 16, Grab 17, Bur­ gee 18. Windlass 20, Salt: 22. Cargo 24. Jumper 26. Line 28. Dud: 29. Pare 30, Aden 31, Darns 32, Pegs 33, Sky: 34, Navy. DOWN.— I. Forecastle 2. Dismantled 3, D.S.O. 4. Rower 5, Messenger: 6. Stevedores 7. Gangway 8, Pay 9, Wings 11. Peril 12. Coble 19. Sam­pan: 21, Made 22. Cuddy 23, Snag: 24, Junk 25, Para 27, Ice. Published by the Navy League ,for the Admiralty, at iheir offices. Grand Buildings. Trafalgar Square, London. .CW .2 Printed by Gale& P olden Ltd Wellington Works, Aldershot. England
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