The Sea Cadet, No. 10, Vol. 2, June 1945

VOL. 2 NO. I 0 JUNE 1945 THE SEA CADET OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE SEA CADET CORPS PRICE 6 d Published Monthly EDITORIAL OFFICES, cc THE SEA CADET,” GRAND BUILDINGS, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON WC2 Planners of Victory Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal, the Prime Minister, His Majesty The King, Field-M arshal Sir Alan Brooke and Admiral o f the Fleet Sir Andrew Cunningham W e give you ,this month, a special number. It is a number that should be read by every officer and cadet in the Sea Cadet Corps. Peace in Europe has come after nearly six years. We publish, on this page, a picture of the British team, and we publish it with grateful hearts. And now for the great question—what of the future? You will find a message for you from Mr. A.V. Alexander. First Lord of the Admiralty in the Coalition Government, and articles by Vice-Admiral J.G. P. Vivian. Admiral Com­manding Reserves, and Mr. H.T. Bishop, General Secretary of the Navy League, telling you in plain language that the future of the Corps is assured. Now, and even more when we shall have brought Japan to her knees, the Sea Cadet Corps needs an assurance of permanency and that will come when every unit, up and down the country, has acquired its- own permanent head­quarters. We have given a great deal of space in this issue to pictures and plans of such headquarters. Read the article on citizenship. Your training in the Sea Cadet Corps, besides training you for the sea, can make you good citizens. Make sure that it does. In the years to come England will need such men, men with character and cour­age and ideas and, above all, ideals. Men to fear God, speak the truth, and honour the King. Men who can take it and hand it out—fit and “proper ”men. If they are not found in the Sea Cadet Corps, then the labour of the Corps is in vain and our inland peril. 289
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