The Sea Cadet, No. 9, Vol. 2, May 1945

The “Implacable,” with the" Foudroyant ”alongside, at her moorings in Portsmouth Harbour H.M.S. “ Foudroyant9 9 The Part She Plays in Sea Cadet Training During the course of the year weekly training courses are held in H.M.S. Foudroyant under the direction of Lieut.-Cmdr. P. O’Brien, R.N., who has much inexperi­ence the training of officers, ratings and boys of the Royal Navy. Officers’ courses are arranged to set a standard of basic training and routine in the Sea Cadet Corps by a standard system of instructional methods, which can be applied with the original ideas of the unit officers’ general training programme. Cadets’ courses are de­signed to impart a knowledge of ship’s routine, remedy the lack of practical seamanship and to fit cadet leading seamen for the responsibility of cadet petty officer. Officers’ courses are avery necessary part of the make-up of an officer of the Corps, whatever his sea experience and age may be.The inexperienced officer is given a chance to acquire the back­ground of Service life, gain the art of the instructor and the mastery of sea­manship subjects so that he may give an even greater service in the training of the Sea Cadet. The following extracts are from letters of appreciation from officers who have taken the course: “When I arrived I had been indulg­ing in the fallacious, comforting thought that I was too old for anything of a strenuous nature, mental or physical, but I no longer have that impression, for my week with you has succeeded in reawakening my mental and physical activities more than I had ever dreamed myself capable of.” “The course is good,all not parts of it, there is no loss of indignity learn­ing to become an efficient naval officer from undoubtedly efficient naval staff. If before the course any of us had any illusions that we were in anyway effi­cient, I for one no longer live in that fool’s paradise.” Commanding officers’ courses have been introduced to assist C.Os. to co­ordinate the instructional departments of their units to the best advantage, and to act as a refresher course for the C.O. of the well-established unit. Cadets’ courses include (1) special­ist training in V /Sand W/T (2) a week’s special course and practical ex­amination for cadet petty officer and (3) weekly seamanship courses giving cadets opportunities for practical sea­manship and an introduction to naval routine. The following essay, written by a cadet, gives a graphic picture of H.M.S. Foudroyant: “She came astern slowly, sounded three blasts and stopped her engines, then moved ahead—a trim, grey- painted motor-boat benton naval duties perhaps she had landed the captain of the ship or fetched off the mail, or done many of the hundred and one things required of a ship’s boat. I was impressed with the easy, matter- of-fact manner with which she was handled. It looked so simple, and her coxswain, a leading seaman, appeared so disinterested. As I watched this small grey boat working her way, passing or crossing boats and ships to the other side of the harbour, I wondered how soon I should be able to do the same, how soon I should be able to handle a boat capably and efficiently without fuss or bother. I wondered how much training it required to reach this point and—‘ A penny for your thoughts, Johnny.’“ I suddenly came back to earth. Ted. a cadet friend from my unit, was talking. “‘Oh, just thinking,’ 1 answered. ‘Ted, have you ever seen such a picture of interest, so much coming and going flags— I mean signals— being made 260
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