The Sea Cadet, No. 8, Vol. 2, April 1945

SEA CADET CORPS National Boxing Championships Royal Albert Hall 28th May SEE PAGE 242 County Cup. In the final against Ash­ ford they were two goals down in the ford A.C.F. 4—0, and their“ B ”team won 3—2. Sussex County Cup winners were Littlehampton by virtue of a 5—2 win over Eastbourne. Guildford, for the second successive year, are Surrey League champions. Their“ A ”team also reached the Pre- Service Cup final by defeating Guild­ ford A.F.C. 4—0, and their“ B ”team got to the other final by defeating Farnham A.T.C. 7—1. ALL-LEICESTER TEAM In the Eastern Area Knock-out Com­petition, Zone 3 were represented by eleven players from Leicester (North) for one match against Zone 5 (Cam­bridge, Peterborough, Ely, Wisbech and King’s Lynn). The Leicester boys were in grand form and won 6—0. The final of the Devon Zone Gold Cup Competition was made a big occa­sion at Torquay, 535 cadets from vari­ous units taking part in a parade headed by the Exeter unit’s band. The Mayor took the salute at the Town Hall. Answers to March Quizzes CROSSWORD SOLUTION ACROSS.— 1, Shaft 5, Rugged 8, Piracy 11, Raid 12, Apron 13, Odd 15, Vessel 16, Useless 19, Ale 20, Heel 21, Tees 22, Settle 24, Step 26, Heave 28, Wall 30, Iran 32, Oil 33, Uses 34, Prawns 35, Lizard 36, Brest. DOWN.— 1, Shrouds 2, Headsheets 3, Fiddle 4, Traveller 5, Rake 6, Gyp­sies 7, Donkey 9, Breast Line 10, Collier 14, Dee 17, Steward 18, Sea 23, Tale 25, Pilot 26, Haul 27, Visa 29, Low 31, Nab. CIPHER Your message received am proceed­ing to investigate. ORDER, PLEASE 0000—0400: Midnight— 4 a.m.: Middle watch. 0400—0800:4 a.m.—8 a.m.: Morning watch. 0800—1200:8 a.m.—noon: Forenoon watch. 1200—1600: Noon—4 p.m.: After­noon watch. 1600—1800:4 p.m.—6 p.m.: First « 1800—2000:6 p.m.—8 p.m.: Second 2000—0000:8 p.m.—midnight: First watch. WHO GOES THERE? ENDEAVOUR AMIDSHIPS Eskimo. Ashanti. Kimberley. Vivacious. Fearless. Escapade. Tenacious. Termagant. Impulsive. Viscount. A CRUISER’S MAINMAST 1. Truck. 2. W/T yard. 3. Insulators. 4. Topmast. 5. Cap. 6. Lower masthead. 7. Signal yard. 8. Lower mast. 9. Maintopmast stay. 10. Mainmast stay. 11. Maintopmast shrouds. 12. Mainmast shrouds. 13. Backstays. 14. Gaff. 255 Exeter were the winners, defeating Plymouth by 5—1 .They are to play a team chosen from the rest of the zone on 7th April at Dartmouth, and another big parade is being arranged. M r.E.D. Kennedy, Chairman o f Zone Committee, with West o f Scotland competitors in the Scottish Zone Boxing Championships SOUTH WALES ON ATOP thoroughly en­joyable week-end was spent when West Wales met South Wales and Monmouthshire in the Western Area inter-zone match at Penarth. The South Wales team quickly showed their superiority and outran winners 8—1 .The scorers were Munro (Penarth) 4, Morris (Aberdare) 2, Payne (Cardiff) and Weston (Newport). W<**t Wales’ scorers was Thomas (Swansea). South Wales will now meet the win­ners of the Northern zones for the Area Championship to be decided at Stoke. After the match 140 cadets were en­tertained to tea and a dance at Penarth headquarters. About thirty of the visi­tors were accommodated overnight and returned to West Wales on the Sunday. After a keen tussle, Loughborough beat the local Army Cadet team 4—3. SCOTS BOXERS Every seat in the hall was occupied when the Scottish Zone 4 held their boxing tournament at Edinburgh. The units engaged were Edinburgh, Fal­ kirk, Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and Bo’ness. Edinburgh No. 1 had the best of the bouts and won the Mitchell Trophy, which was presented to them by Sir Henry Steele. In the London Zone 2 Boxing Cham­pionships at Penge, the chief winners were from Croydon (West), Orpington. Carshalton, Croydon (East), Bromley and Beckenham. The Iline Boxing Trophy has been won by the Walworth unit. It had been arranged for the North-West Area Swimming Championships to beheld at Blackpool on 12th May, but it is now possible that the date will be postponed until 8th September to conform with the National Cham­pionships. In a shooting match at Chelmsford the Army Cadets (411 points) defeated the Sea Cadets (396 points).
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