The Sea Cadet, No. 7, Vol. 2, March 1945

VOL. 2 NO. 7 MARCH 1945 EDITORIAL OFFICES,£ c THE SEA CADET,” GRAND BUILDINGS, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON WC2 About Ourselves THE SEA CADET OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE'SEA CADET CORPS PRICE 6d Published Monthly S faro a Seas Cadets are concerned—and. of course, all Service youth movements, of which the Sea Cadet Corps is. we are agreed, the first and foremost—it is time to think of the future. The war against Germany is not yet finished and it is folly to count chickens before they are hatched. The war against Japan, in which the Allied Navies play, and will play, so large apart, may well prove more tough and troublesome than the optimists suppose. No Sea Cadet itching to see active service need yet shut his eyes to its possibility. But it is time to think of the days of peace. Then, as now, there will be perpetual need of the Sea Cadet Corps. First as a recruit­ing ground for the Navy. For if we were mad enough to repeat the ruinous follies of the past and to whittle down the British Navy on which, more than on any other force or sanction, our security, our prosperity and our hopes of any permanent peace must depend, we should deserve all that we should assuredly get. Apart from that, however, the Sea Cadet Corps has great op­portunities and great responsi­bilities as a training ground for citizenship. The traditions and discipline and sense of service which are the marrow of its achievements will be needed ur­gently in peace. These are your heritage and they are worth more than all the castles and properties which are accounted of great worth. It is well to think of how much we can do together for the country and the Empire so long as we cling to the traditions and hold together the comradeship of these vital years. A HELPING HAND The R.N.V.R. and R.N.D. Associations War Comforts Fund, who have done so much to provide comforts for H.M. ships, has made the most handsome acknowledgment of the help which is has received from Sea Cadets. Various units have played a prominent part in many functions con­nected with this Fund. The Fund is now looking after H.M.S. Anson, Howe, Phoebe, Mauritius, Biter, Dolphin, Hornet, Kirkwall, Kestrel and Condor, and two R.N. hos­ pitals—a total complement of between 23.000 and 30.000 naval ratings. This work must still continue for many months after the armistice is signed and until the high seas are once more safe and free. The two Associations, therefore, ap­peal to all Sea Cadet units to help, where possible, by organi­zing any kind of show' that can help the Fund. We feel sure the appeal will not be in vain. AND STILL THEY COME !Clearly there is no end to “this record business.” Which is as it should be. We now hear of the 100 percent, performance of ex-Cadet P.O. Neville Povey, who was a member of the Chester unit for nearly two years and attended 455 parades out of a possible 455. Our congratula­tions also togo the Command­ing Officer of the Leicester (South) unit, who, since the unit’s inception in 1936, has missed only two parades. The headquar­ters are open every night of the week except Saturday, so that cadets may attend voluntary classes as well as parades. Lieut. Whiles is thereon every occa­sion, so that at present he has an attendance of five nights per week and a Sunday morning parade. 193 He has seen active service
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