The Sea Cadet, No. 6, Vol. 2, February 1945

Hemp Rope Factories at LON DON ,SUNDER ,LELAND ,HIT CAR DIFFS t o resat FALMOUTH*SOUTHAMPTON ,BRISTOL ,LIVERPOOL ,HULL ,NEW CASTLE .GLASGOW BRITISH ROPES LIMITER tramp How well Mr. Frank Mason has captured the atmosphere of a British tramp steamer ploughing her throughway heavy seas. This maritime maid-of-all-work carries varied and valuable cargoes, meet­ing fair weather and foul. U-boat and dive-bomber. Unhonourcd and unsung, the tramp steamers carry the 'red duster” to the limits of the seven seas. Sound cordage, canvas and wire rope areas vitally important to the crews of humble tramps as they are to proud liners and the lithe grey craft of the Royal Navy. British Ropes Ltd. supply them all with every type of rope and canvas, providing prompt service and stocks at the world's principal ports. BECAUSE of the mobile nature of the present war, the constant and unfailing supply of up to the minute maps is one of the major essentials. These have to be des­ patched and distributed with the utmost speed and certainty of delivery. This contingency is adequately handled by the D.R’ s. mounted on their trustworthy MATCHLESS Motorcycles. Heat and Frost, Sand and Mud and the absence of good roads combine to make the D.R’ jobs. a difficult one— but they always get through because they ride the right machine for the job. Therefore choose a MATCHLESS for your peacetime motorcycling. Match less ASSOCIATED MOTOR CYCLES LTD. PLUMSTEAD ROAD, LONDON, S.E.I8 (British Official m otogroph) YOU CAN TELL AN ARMY MATCHLESS BY THE TELEDRAULIC FORKS Published by the Navy League ,for the Admiralty, at their o fliers, lirar.d Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W .C.2. Printers, Advertising Agents and Circulation Managers: Messrs .Gale &Po i.b e n Ltd .,Wellington Works, Aldershot, England.
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The document titled The Sea Cadet, No. 6, Vol. 2, February 1945 is beneath this layer.

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