The Sea Cadet, No. 6, Vol. 2, February 1945

presentation of a medal or some other token of achievement. But in wartime it is almost impossible to obtain suit­able awards for individual sports per­formances, and the Sea Cadet Corps has therefore instituted prize certificates for cadets who have distinguished them­selves in officially sponsored sporting events and games. The certificates are in four categories —Unit. Zone, Area and National—and they fulfil the need for having uniform levels of sports aw'ards throughout the Corps. The scheme operated from the begin­ning of this year and awards will not be retrospective, except possibly in the case of the 1944 National Rifle Shoot­ing Competition. It is not intended that the certificates should bethe exclusive privilege of the star sports performers on the contrary, they will contain special mention of“ a good loser.” When the shortage of materials is less acute the question of introducing a different form of award will be re­viewed. Meanwhile, no sports award other than the prize certificates is to be made to any individual cadet, though there is no objection to the donation of trophies to beheld by units, zones or areas. FOOTBALL NEWS Zone 3 football finalists for the Southern Counties Sea Cadet Shield arc Parkstone unit, who beat Bournemouth by 4 goals to 2 after extra time had been played. ZONE 1 FINAL With cup-ties, county contests and many hard fights to secure league hon­ ours, Sea Cadet football is working up to a fine climax. The final of the Southern Area Zone I championship was won by Windsor and Eton, who defeated Abingdon 5—3 in a game packed with thrills. Twenty min­utes from time Abingdon were leading 3—1, but then the superior stamina of the Windsor boys asserted itself on the glue-pot pitch and they piled on four goals, two of them in the closing minutes. The cups to winners and runners-up were presented by the Mayor of Wind­sor, who complimented them on the fine sporting spirit displayed. NORTH-WEST’S WIN Another good game between evenly matched sides took place at Aigburth, where the North-West Area beat Cheshire and North Wales 4—3. Each side scored a goal in the first minute of play and thereafter the pace was fast and furious until near the end, when the heavy going slowed down two sides who had given all they had. In the semi-final of the Noble Cup Competition, Babington beat Wallasey 5—2 and went onto meet Birkenhead in the final. The 'Cheshire and North Wales League is providing a spirited contest for leadership between Ellesmere Port and Crewe and it seems that the issue maybe in doubt until the end. SECOND WINNERS For the second year in succession the Surrey County Challenge Shield was won by Guildford, who defeated Farn- ham by 3—0 in the final. After the match asocial was given by Guildford unit, who had as their guests officers and cadets from Farnham, Chertsey and Reigate. In the semi-final of the Sussex Cup Competition, Eastbourne gained a deci­sive win over Brighton by 8 goals to 0. BOXING At a pre-Services boxing tournament at Streatham, three of the four cups on offer were won by Streatham Sea Cadets. Uxbridge and Yiewsley unit have been fortunate in obtaining the services of a professional as boxing instructor, and enthusiasm is so great that they should have no difficulty in picking a promising team for spring contests. SWIMMING AWARDS Blackpool unit report excellent pro­gress in swimming. In addition to the award of eleven Royal LifeSaving Society’s bronze medals in the past season cadets have won the following certificates of the Blackpool A.S.C.: 8 2nd class 6 two-mile swim 32 one- mile swim 44 half-mile swim 48 quar- ter-mile swim and 125 for 100 yards. Ex-Cadet P.O. Hagon, of Winchmore Hill, who last season was picked for national Sea Cadet events in both foot­ball and boxing, has passed his seaman­ship test in the Royal Navy with flying colours. Answers to January Quizzes A TALL STORY The following are the six points over which the writer of the story “tripped up ”:1. In the Navy if one wishes to cultivate a moustache one must grow a beard as well. Therefore, our hero could not have a smooth chin and a neat moustache. 2. Good-conduct badges are not worn on the right sleeve. 3. No blinds need be pulled down be­tween 9 a.m. and noon because of black-out regulations. 4. The crown is the badge of a com­pany sergeant-major and not of a regimental sergeant-major. 5. Neither company sergeant-major nor regimental sergeant-major is an Air Force rank. 6. The siege of Cherbourg had not taken place by June, 1943. CROSSWORD SOLUTION ACROSS.— 1, Hydrography, 6, Oak­um 9, Billow 11, Wider 12, Tale 14, Sled 15, Dog 16, Rude 17, Eel 19, Wharf 25, Alto 26, Fore 27, Pantel- laria 28, Archipelago 31. Hog 32, Leg 34, Cat 35, Loom 36, Thwart 37, Berth 38, Hermes. DOWN.— 1, Housed 2, Yawl 3, Rudd 4, Rib 5, Hold 7, Kiel 8, Meddle 9, Brow 10, Wee 12, Trafal­gar 13, Aurora 18, Fathom 20, Hole 21, Frigate 22, Sea 23, Bar 24, Anchor 27, Pawl 29, Otus 30, Foe: 33, Ewe. CIPHER Convoy due here Monday. WARSHIP IDENTIFICATION 1. Aircraft carrier of the “Indomit­able ”class. 2. Destroyer of the Tribal class. 3. Battleship of the “Nelson ”class. 4. Sloop of the “Black Swan ”class. 5. Cruiser of the “Leander ”class. 6. Escort carrier of the “Tracker” class. v 7. Corvette of the Flower class. AMIDSHIPS Victorious. Implacable. Illustrious. Indomitable. Emerald. Dauntless. Frobisher. Enterprise. A rethusa. Cumberland. 191
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