The Sea Cadet, No. 5, Vol. 2, January 1945

Cltclsca unit: presentation o f Zone 6 Football Challenge Clip by the Mayor o f Chelsea Newark, 1. A bottle of whisky auc­tioned for the zone funds realizcd'£12. BROTHERS WIN A fine performance was put up by the Watford unit boxers at the St. Albans tourney, all eight of their en­trants winning their bouts. Among them was Noei Simmons, the 1943 schoolboy and 1944 divisional champion of Great Britain. It was his first fight since being in a bad accident last Easter. His brother, Leon, was also among the winners. These two, who have taken many honours in London club boxing, are the sons of Harry Simmons, who is hon­orary coach of the clever Watford team. Both the Simmons boys went on later to win their area events. At the Chelmsford tournament two boxers from Chelmsford unit, two from Brainlree and one from Brent­ wood won their way to the Area Cham­pionships. FOUGHT TO STANDSTILL Highlight of the Kettering contests was a terrific bout between Wills, of Kettering, and Wardle, of Leicester (South), who went at it hammer-and- tongs. In the second round Wills was down for a count of eight, but made a magni­ficent recovery and in the next round won by a knock-out. Towards the end of the bout the main part of the audience were on their feet as the two boys fought each other almost to a standstill. With both of them staggering, an American officer tried to stop the fight, but was waved aside by the referee. Wardle, although beaten, was awarded a medal for the best performance in the show. Wills proved, however, that his victory was no fluke, for he met Wardle again in the Area Championships at Leicester and repeated his success. Best of the Area bouts was between Fisher, of Hitchin, and Roscoe, of Leicester (South). For three rounds they stood toe to toe swapping punches. The crowd were worked into such a frenzy of excitement that the referee had to call a halt and warn the fans that he had power to stop the show if they did not keep quiet. Roscoe was the winner on points. At the close the Lord Mayor com­mented: “Watching the fighting spirit of these cadets, we may have no fear for the future of the Navy.” The winners were: Junior.—N. Simmons, Watford L. Simmons, Watford Percival, Lincoln Thompson, Attenborough Roscoe, Leicester (South) Fryser, Sutton Bacon, Braintree and Forder, Brain­ tree. Senior.— Murgatroyd, Leicester (South) Edwards, Chelmsford Bur- dett, Lincoln Wills, Kettering Green, Leicester (South) Velzian, Scunthorpe Higginson, Leicester (South) Stafford, Leicester (North) Colthorpe, Grimsby and Clifford, Nottingham. FINE RUGGER WIN London Area Rugby Club put up a fine performance in beating the 42nd Bn. Royal Tank Regiment Cadet Corps (Army Cadets) by 16 points to 3 points on the Twickenham ground. Their victory was all the more credit­able when it is realized that only three units in the London Area contributed players, namely, seven from the Kings­ton unit and the remainder from Toot­ing and Hornsey, with the assistance of C.P.O. Garforth, Bexley Heath, who scored three tries and converted one. The other try was registered by Cadet Bailey (Tooting), who also kicked the goal. This victory is most encouraging, but the club suffers from lack of member­ship, and Sub-Lieut. G.A.R. Winston, the Hon. Secretary, appeals to rugger- playing cadets to join in. He’p is also needed from rugger-minded officers who are prepared to devote a few Satur­days and help in the management. With this aid, Rugby football should play an important part in Sea Cadet sport. COUNTY SHOTS For the third successive year Little- hampton unit won the Sussex county .22 shooting contest. Principal scores were: Littlehampton, 362 points East­ bourne, 358: Worthing, 354 Brighton, 312 Hove, 293. The first annual cross-country run of Zone 2, Eastern Area, was over a three- mile course of tough country at Mans­field, abut good majority of the cadets achieved the time of 20 minutes. The junior race, in which sixty-four cadets competed, was won by Crickson, Attenborough, and the team placings were: 1, Attenborough, 462, Chester­field, 493, Derby. 544, Mansfield, 60. The senior race, which drew sixty- one runners, was won by Simms, Not­tingham. Placings were: 1, Mansfield, 282, Chesterfield, 32. Answers to December Quizzes CROSSWORD SOLUTION ACROSS.— 1, Ebb 3, Flotsam 9,. Wake 10, Chinese 12, Parcel 13, Six 14, Trice 15. Thong 17, Reach 19, Ait 20, Costs 23, Sun 25, Bunting 26, Let 28. Cod 31, Nail 32, Rawal­pindi 34. Noon: 35, Batten 36, Lean-der 37, Eire. DOWN.— 1, Export 2. Barracuda: 4, Leech 5. Thetis 6, Sight 7, Anson 8, Rex 9. Waterborne 10, Cleat II, Sink 16, Gantline 18, Cone 21, Strand 22, Ignite 23, Slant 24, Scull 27, Eider 29, Elbe 30, Spar 33. Won. NAVAL EIGHTS The “Duty ”was“ DOGWATCH ”and “Things used for tying” were “LANYARDS.” MORE ABOUT TIDES Spring tides, which occur at full moon or new moon. When the rise and fall of the water is least marked the tides are referred to as “neap ”tides. You speak of a “strong ebb tide ”when the tide is falling swiftly. WHICH WAY IS THE TIDE SETTING ?Arrow “A.” HOW MANY CAN YOU SCORE? 1 .The Solent (5).2. (a) Victory (5) (b) Iron Duke (10).3. Winston Churchill (10).4. Beatty (10).5. Norm(a) andie (5) (b) Lafayette 6.(10). (a) Circular (5) (b) Pentagonal (5) (c) Shie'd (5): (d) Diamond (5).7. Wm. Bligh (10).8. (a) Panama (5) (b) 1914(10). JUST ALINE 1 ,Ratline 2, Bowline 3, Marline: 4, Loadline 5, Leadline 6, Lifeline 7, Gantline 8, Grassline. 159-
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