The Sea Cadet, No. 4, Vol. 3, December 1945

BRITISH HOPES LIMITED Manufacturers of Wire Rope, Wire, Hemp Cordage and Canvas Head Office DON CASTER j______________________________ OFFICES, WORKS AND STORES THROUGHOUT GREAT BRITAIN Off the Downs Built and owned by one of our unit companies— WT.& .Smith, of Newcastle— the Frigate “Blen­heim "was a famous eastern trader. A t the Great Exhibition of 1851 ,the “Blenheim ”and her sister ship, the “Marlborough,” were pre­sented with silk ensigns and house flags as being the finest ships in the British Merchant Marine. Many of our unit companies were well- known ropemakers before the middle of the last century, and they had that practical knowledge ol seamen's ways and needs which enabled them to provide cordage and canvas for the ships of all the seven seas. Throughout British Ropes Ltd. that sense of respon­sibility for safety and reliable service is still maintained. BLACK WALL FRIGATE “BLENHEIM ”Specially painted by Frank H. Mason, R.l. Though it is a bit late in the day for cricket news, Wanstead and Woodford send details of a fine bowling feat that won for them the London Zone 4 Cup. In the semi-final against Thunderer, E. Burton took 5 wickets for 11 runs and M. Jarman 5 for 4 runs. In the final Burton took 5 for 3 and Jarm an 5 for 9. NATIONAL RIFLE SHOOTING COMPETITION :Result of Team Shoot 1, Medway Towns (Southern Area), 9862, Barnsley (North-Eastern Area), 9773, Kingston (London Area). 9714, Thorne (North-Eastern Area), 9555, Dover (Southern Area), 9116, Car­ diff (Western Area), 8637, Southport (North-Western Area), 8578, Chelms­ ford (Eastern Area), 8339, Leicester (South)(Eastern Area), 822. The following units were disquali­fied :Clapton (London Area): shoot took place on different days, some on prac­tice targets Falmouth (South-Western Area): shoot took place outside the range of permitted dates Stroud (South-Western Area): shoot took place outside the range of permitted dates, some on practice targets Fish­ guard (Western Area): shoot took place outside the range of permitted dates, some on practice targets Bar­ row-in-Furness (North-Western Area): practice targets were used. The necessity for these disqualifica­tions is much regretted, but the condi­tions of the competition must be strictly enforced. Congratulations to Medway Towns on their outstanding performance as the winners. Barnsley, last year’s winners, CROSSWORD SOLUTION ACROSS.—2, Washstrake 8, Bot­ tomry 11, Rita 13, Heel 14, Aldis 15, Jute 16, Less 17, Lifejacket 19, Drifter 24, Uganda 26, Oribi 28, Naval 29, R.A.F. 31, Chine 32, Floe 33, Hatch 34, Lateen. DOWN.— 1, Abeam 2, Woolding 3, Striker 4, Hoist 5, Trajectory 6, Knees 7, Enlist 9, Tide 10, Jet 12, Tug 13, Hulk 17, Launch 18, Tub 19, Davit 20, Idle 21, Fanal 22, Rifle 23, Siren 25, Nan 27, Raft 30, Toe. HOW DO YOU SAY IT? Cox-n Kelson Gunnel Taykuls: Bo’sun Picket-boat Ding-ge (hard g). are also to be congratulated on their fine effort to retain the trophy this year. AT WAKEFIELD When Cmdr. G. V. Knight, Superin­tendent of the S.C.C., recently visited Wakefield unif he reminded the boys that the sailor is not by nature a fight­ing man, but “the protector of all who pass on the sea upon their lawful occasions.” FAMOUS SAILORS Franklin. Evans. Nelson. Drake. Evans. Rodney. Initials spell out FENDER. ALL AT SEA Seaborne Seaman Seamew Sea­port Sea-dog Sea-fight Seam Season Sea-lawyer Seaworthy. SPOTTING THE MERCHANTMEN 1, Trawler 2, Coaster 3, TugBoat 4, Oil Tanker 5, Cross-Channel Steamer 6, Steam Yacht 7, Timber Carrier 8, Drifter. ANSWERS TO NO VE3MBER QUIZZES Published by the Navy League ,for the Admiralty, at their offices. Grand Buildings. T ralalgar Square, London, .CW .2 Printed by Gale &Po i.d e n Ltd .,Wellington Works, Aldershot, England
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