The Sea Cadet, No. 4, Vol. 3, December 1945

will see portions coloured red the larger portions depicting the Dom­inions the smaller, in some cases too small even to see on a general map, the Colonies. The whole forms the British Empire. The great Dominions, nations in themselves and in every respect self-governing with the right to breakaway from the Empire if they wish soto do. form the British Com­monwealth of Nations. The Colonies, while enjoying a considerable measure of self-government, have mostly to look to the Mother Country for some assistance. The Dominions did not spring sud­denly into existence as such: they grew gradually to full estate and in each case this growth varied in character. Before achieving Dominion status they were portions of the Colonial Empire. Parts of Canada became a Dominion in 1867. The Union of South Africa was informed 1909 from British Colonies and territory won as the result of the war in South Africa in 1899-1902. The Commonwealth of Australia was informed 1900. before which date each of the five States on the continent, and Tasmania, were independent of one another. The Colony of New Zealand became a Dominion in 1907. Each of the Dominions has its own characteristics, its own problems, its own customs. Varied as they are in geographical position, in climate and character, there are two things which we of the Navy League can still claim T h elate Lord Lloyd ,to whom the Navy League and our Sea Cadet Corps owe so much, des­cribed the Sea Cadets in the Home Country and in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Rho­desia as“ a great Imperial family of which we may bfe proud.” What is true of our Sea Cadets is true also of the mass of the peoples, of divers creeds and customs, who inhabit the British Dominions and Colonies overspread the whole world. The ties of blood and loyalty to the Crown, the symbol which binds us all together, form a link so strong that, with the exception of Southern Ireland, every part of our Empire took its full share in defeating the enemy and proved itself“ a great Imperial family of which we maybe proud.” Look at a map of the world. You Parliament House, Canberra 98 ARCTIC OCfflN fcRIT ISLES ATLANTIC OCEAN WEST INDIES kL O H C Our Empire By VICE-ADM IRAL J.E.T. HARPER, C.B., M.V.O. J ZEALAND
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