The Sea Cadet, No. 3, Vol. 3, November 1945

On the financial aside debit of £35 had been transformed into a credit balance of £378, and the Ministry of Education had been most helpful in the way of grant towards the cadets’ club activities. A drum and bugle band had also been formed, but the year’s greatest achievement was the establishment of a Ladies’ Committee, who had worked wonders in raising funds and helping in the cadets’ welfare. WE REGRET TO ANNOUNCE ...We record with deep regret the death of Alderman Charles Lefevre, O.B.E., J.P., Mayor of Canterbury 1935-37 and 1940-45. Alderman Lefevre was for ten years President of the Canterbury Sea Cadet Corps and in 1937 he sponsored a public appeal to raise funds for the purchase of the Headquarters which the unit now occupies. He took avery real interest in the welfare of the Corps, which is indebted to him for many acts of kindness-. All connected with the unit feel that they have lost a trusted friend and a wise counsellor. Is 1 our Unit here ?When Rear-Admiral H. B. Jacomb. Deputy A.C.R., inspected BURNLEY unit, he said there was no doubt that every boy had done his best, and that was the basis of everything worthwhile in the world. Lord Ammon, the Labour peer, is making anew appeal for £3,500 to build a headquarters for the LAM ­BETH unit to replace the one destroyed in the blitz. He hints that an anonymous donor will double the amount of public subscriptions. O.S. Peter Sharp, of G REENO CK unit, was one of six members of youth organizations who. as associate mem­bers of theM acRobert’s Reply Asso­ciation, spent a week-end at Alastrean House, the home of Lady M acRobert. LEAM INGTON AND WARWICK unit have obtained commodious head­quarters, formerly used as an Allied Services Club. In addition to the train­ing quarters, there will abe library, billiards room, games room, canteen and facilities for dancing. When Putney Rotary Club agave special luncheon to enlist interest in the PUTNEY, BARNES and FULHAM Sea Cadets, Vice-Admiral J.E.T. Harper, Chairman of the Sea Cadet Committee of the Navy League, gave an address on the work of the Corps. Seventeen thousand spectators at the Norwich City v. N otts County match agave great reception to the drum and bugle band of the NORWICH unit when they played and marched before and during the half-time interval. There were many commendations on their playing and smart appearance. A former KETTERING Sea Cadet, Cyril Edward Newton, has won a State Bursary to King’s College, London. Boat drill by eight members of the KETTERING unit has been recorded for inclusion in a forthcoming B.B.C. programme, “The Future is Here.” Unexpected help with ENFIELD unit’s boat cleaning came when ex- Cadet Wood, now a second wireless officer in the Merchant Navy, arrived home on leave and lent a hand. He also joined inmost of the unit’s parades. One of SWAN- SEA’S first Sea Cadets, Ronnie Hughes, who joined the Royal Navy at 151 and was re­ported missing in H.M.S. Exeter in 1942, cabled home that he is safe welland after being a prisoner in J a p hands. A collection of 7.600 “ship ”half-pennies worth £15 16s. 8d. has been given to the EVESHAM unit by Miss June Robbins. 'Two petty officers had to be detailed to carry the cash. Admiral Sir Michael Hodges, Presi­dent of the NEWBURY unit, reported at the third annual meeting that £1,038 had been raised towards the cost of building anew headquarters. On his retirement from the command of the naval base at SWANSEA, Capt. C.S. Inglis was entertained to dinner by the Sea Cadet Committee and pre­sented with a walking-stick in apprecia­tion of his work. The unit could not have survived the loss by bombing of several headquarters, it was stated, without Capt. Inglis’s help in allowing them the use of the base. SPORTS COLUMN Big sports news of the month is that arrangements are now going ahead for the National Football aTrophy, knock­out competition open to every unit in the country. The preliminary rounds will be or­ganized in the next few weeks by each Area Sports Council (probably by means of contests within the zones) and the area championships will be decided before 28th February next. Thereafter the winning teams will be grouped in Northern and Southern Divisions and will playoff as follows: Nor t i i i-r n Div i ions Scotland and Northern Ireland v. North-Western. North-Eastern v. Eastern. (To be played between 1st and 17th March.) Southern Div i ions Western v. South-Western. Southern v. London. (To be played between 1st and 17th March.) The divisional finals will be played between 1st and 14th April, and the final for the National Trophy not later than 4th May. Only Sea Cadets under 18 on 1st Sep­tember, 1945, will be eligible as team members. Expenses in the initial stages must be borne by the units concerned, but later, when units are representing either zones or areas, their expenses will be borne by zone or area funds. The venues of these matches will be m utu­ ally agreed by the Area Sports Councils. Arrangements for the final will be made by the Sea Cadet Sports Council, who will defray all expenses of the match. CHAMPION SHOTS While football contests are being ar­ranged the National Rifle Shooting Competition is already reaching an ex­citing stage. All the unit teams often have now shot off and their cards are being examined to decide the winners of the national team trophy. This month, too, the best shot in each unit goes forward to compete for the area championships. The eight winners will then offshoot next month for 95
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