The Sea Cadet, No. 3, Vol. 3, November 1945

EDITORIAL OFFICES, “THE SEA CADET,” GRAND BUILDINGS, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON, WC2 VOL. 3 NO. 3 NOVEMBER 1945 THE SEA CADET OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE SEA CADET CORPS About Ourselves PRICE 6 d Published Monthly Vice- A d amir l Char l sE.e Morgan ,C.B., D.S.O., has taken the place of Vice-Admiral J.G. P. Vivian, C.B., as Admiral Commanding Reserves, and the new appointment is of the greatest interest and importance to the Sea Cadet Corps, which thus has anew naval chief. Sea Cadets have indeed been fortunate in those who are inset authority over them, and in taking leave with the greatest regret and gratitude of Admiral Vivian they will welcome and offer the best service in their power to Admiral Morgan. Since the war began the expansion of the Sea Cadet Corps and the record of service of Sea Cadets have been something of which every member and well-wisher of the Corps may well be proud. The future is always more important than the past, more exciting, and, in the present state of the world, even mors difficult. But Sea Cadets, under their new chief, will face it with the same spirit of discipline and service as has-brought them honour and reputation during all these grim years. A full account of the career of Admiral Morgan will be found in this month’s Unit News. TRAFALGAR SQUARE The ceremonies before Nelson’s Column on Saturday, 20th October—Trafalgar Day itself falling on a Sunday— were this year almost entirely a Sea Cadet Corps affair. Our band provided the music. Our bugler blew some of the calls. Our guard of honour presented arms. This was surely as it should be, as it is the duty and privilege of youth to honour the great and deathless memory of Lord Nelson and his victory at Trafalgar. Pictures are on page 77. FOR YOU TO READ Empire Digest, a small paper-backed magazine, has just been published in Canada for 25 Ascents. you will not be able to buy it in this country, the Navy League has sent a copy to every unit for its library. It contains articles on the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Indian Navy, the South African Naval Force, the Royal New Zea­ land Navy, the Royal Australian Navy and the “Little Navies ”which have been maintained in Britain’s Colonies. There are stories of the Fleet Air Arm, “Merchantmen at War ”and various aspects of life in Canada and Australia— to mention only a few. There are jokes and a page of quizzes. There are poems and pictures. We are a United Empire and yet how many of us really know anything of our Empire? You should start to read this small book as a duty. We promise you that you will finish it for your own enjoyment. Another book which would look well on your unit shelves is “Boxing and Physical Culture,” by Thomas Inch. It can be opened at any page at anytime with pleasure and profit to the reader, and almost every punch, counter and guard known to the game is illustrated and commented on with a constant reference to famous boxers of the past. The illustrations are quite outstanding. The movements of hands, body and feet—this last a vital matter—become crystal clear after the briefest study of each drawing. The book also deals with P.T. and wrestling, and we can most heartily recommend it to all cadets who are keen on fitness and the noble art of boxing. It costs 7s. 6d. (Gale& Polden Ltd., Aldershot) and is well worth the price. Try to persuade your unit to buy a copy for your library. OUR NEW POSTER We reproduce a picture of the new general purposes poster recently designed for the Sea Cadet Corps. It is obtainable from Sea Cadet Corps Headquarters in three sizes: 30 in. by 20 in. 15 in. by 10 in. and 7} in. by 4} in. The printing is in black, light blue and dark blue, and looks most attractive. It should be of great help to units when they are appealing to the public for support, as the kaleidoscope of Sea Cadet activities which forms the basis and motif of the design gives avery comprehensive picture of the work of the Corps. A blank space is provided at the foot to enable units to overprint local details. THE SEA CADET CORPS
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