The Sea Cadet, No. 1, Vol. 3, September 1945

CLEAN DIVING An attractive feature of the Eastern Area. Zone 3. Championships at North­ampton was the clean diving. The senior contest was so close that Northampton and Leicester (South) tied for first place, while Leicester and Hinckley drew for third place. The champion unit was Leicester (South), 42 points with Kettering second. 40 points, and Hinckley, third, 24 points. In the Fenland Zone contests Peter­ borough scored a runaway victory. The results were: Peterborough, 52 points Cambridge. 32: King’s Lynn, 23: Ely, 22 Wisbech, 14. WINNERS ALL In Cornwall the gala at Falmouth was notable for the success of the Newquay unit, who entered for seven events (out of nine) and won the lot. A swimming contest at Evesham provided keen competition between the local unit and Hereford, but in the end Evesham won with 118 points to Here­ford’s 101. Worcester lagged third with 34 points. BOAT-PULLING CHAMPIONS For the second successive year New Quay. Cardigan, won the Western Area Boat Pulling Championship held at New Quay. The contestants, winners of zone events, were New Quay, Fish­ guard, Holyhead and Newport. In the final. New Quay quickly pulled away from Holyhead and won by several lengths, their time being 20 sec. better than in any other race of the day. The events were followed by a parade through the town, speeches by Cmdr. Campbell Lithgow, the S.C.C. Sports Officer, and others, swimming events and a dance. A parade to the banks of the River Trent preceded the cutter races of the Eastern Area, No. 2 Zone. In the senior final Sutton-in-Ashfield beat Burton- on-Trent by four lengths. The junior final was won by Newark, one length in front of Attenborough. THIRD TIME DOES IT In athletics, as inmost fields of en­ deavour, persistence counts for a great deal. Cadets of the Medway Towns proved that in the Kent Sports Cham­pionships at Rochester. In the two pre­vious years they had been runners-up. but this time they won by a useful margin. Medway Towns also lifted the junior trophy—their second success. The count of points gave these re­sults: Seniors, 1. Medway Towns, 302, Dover, 233, Sittingbourne, 18. Juniors, 1, Medway Towns, 252, Mar­ gate and Maidstone, 17 each. Coventry retained their hold of the Zone Sports Trophy at a meeting held on Coventry City ground. They scored 42 points, Nuneaton being second with 361- points, and Leamington third with 33} points. 600 PARADE Exeter won the championship trophy of Devon at a sports meeting held at Torquay. They scored 37 points, Ply­mouth being second with 33 points, and Exmouth third with 28. Before the races 600 cadets created a fine impression among holidaymakers by a parade through the town, headed by the Exeter and Torquay bands. In an inter-unit sports contest organ­ized by the Halifax unit, five of the events were won by Halifax cadets, four by Bradford and two by Rotherham. Halifax also won four out of five box­ing contests. Huddersfield, who fared poorly in athletics, made amends by winning the boat race. DOUBLE EVENT When ten pre-Service units took part in a sports meeting at Bromley, the re­sult was a runaway victory for Becken­ ham Sea Cadets. There were only three events in which they did not score points, and in two events they took all the points for the first three placings. They finished more than 20 points ahead of their nearest rivals of the A.T.C. In a swimming contest earlier for pre-Service units in the same district. Beckenham Sea Cadets scored another smashing win, as the points results show: 1, Beckenham S.C.C., 292, Penge A.T.C., 73, Army Cadets, 5. ANSWERS TO AUGUST QUIZZES A PAINFUL SIGHT Of the disreputable cadet whose picture we published last month we had the following complaints to make: 1 .His cap was flat-a-back. 2. The bow was not over his left ear. 3. He needed a haircut. 4. He needed a shave. '5. A cigarette was stuck behind his ear. 6. His silk was untidy, and we don’t know what had happened to his lanyard. 7. The front of his jumper had been cut down. 8. His tapes were untied. 9. His cuffs were unbuttoned. 10. His hand was in the flap of his trousers. 11. His jumper was not tidily pulled down. 12. His trousers were uncreased. INTRUDER PATROL I, Sub-Lieutenant 2, Whaler 3, Conning Tower: 4. Flight Deck 5, Island 6. Mosquito. CROSSWORD SOLUTION ACROSS.— 1 .Ace 4. Stempost 8, Hogpiece: 12. Mate 13, Relief 14, Bremen 16, Sea pa 18. Tide 19, Class 20, Enjoy 23, Bight 24. Sane 25, Parbuckle 27, Panel 28, Kelp 29, Deckhead 30. Trumpeter. DOWN.— 1 ,Arms 2. Crab 3, Extra 4. Sheepshank 5, Topmast 6, Pilot- jack: 7. Scend: 9. Grey 10, Peninsula: 11. Eft: 15, Lion 17, Clipper 20. Emblem: 21. Yells: 22, Keeper 23, Blade: 25. Pact: 26. Kent. NAME, PLEASE Blue Peter Flotsam Bobstay Hal­yards Berth Jacob’s Ladder Bill Derrick. ORDER, PLEASE Escort Carriers. —Searcher, Stalker, Slinger. Heavy Cruisers. —Suffolk, Sussex, Shropshire. Light Cruisers.—Scvlla, Sirius, Shef­field. Destroyers.—Scourge, Serapis, Savage. Scimitar, Sabre, Scout. AIRCRAFT RECOGNITION Scafire. Wildcat. Avenger. Walrus. Martlet. Albacore. Swordfish. Barracuda. Corsair. Kingfisher. Published by the Navy League, for the Admiralty, a t their offices, Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square. London, .CW .2 Primed by G ai.e & Polden Ltd .,Wellington Works. A ldershot. England
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