Polish News and Features, April 11th 1945

OLISH TELEG R A Phf-'A G ENCY iPATI stratton h o use,s t rat ton street LONDON ,W. 1 .Phone .MAYfair 1009. POLISH INEWS L FEATURES Items in this press bulletin ma^ybe reproduced with or.without acknowledgment No. -46. Wednesday, 11th April' 1945. Page 1. CONTENTS:""' -'#'Page 1: •DISAPPEARANCE OF POLISH POLITICAL LEXERS Page 2: """'Page- 3: ‘POLISH PRIMATE IN PARIS GEN. ANDERS -.FIELD MARSHAL ALEXANDER -EXCHANGE OF .MESSAGES •Page 4:' NEW ZEALAND AIRMAN FETCHED PREMIER AND V-BOMB PLANS FROM POLAND -•••<'POLISH DECORATIONS FOR CANADIiiN OFFICERS Page 5: FOURTEEN. POLISH GENERALS LIBERATED.- BY AMERICANS NEW -ZEALAND "FRIENDS OF POLiJiD'1 'SOCIETY URGES JUSTICE AND FAIR DEALING Pago 6 ESCAPING SPRINGBOK FINDS ROMANCE .IN .POLISH 'FARMHOUSE PISAPPEiiRANCE OF POLISH- POLITICAL' LEADERS ,On April 6th, 'the Polish Telegraphic Agency gave the text of a .-statement by the Polish Government on the disappearance of fifteen Polish political leaders., "At the end of February of this year the Deputy Prime Minister and Delegate of the Polish Government in Poland and the last' Commander of the now disbanded Home Army received an indirect invitation from Colonel Pimenow of theN. K.V.D. /Soviet Political Police/,, to take part in a conference with the representatives of the High, Command of the-First White Ruthenian Front, General Iwanow*. Soon afterwards -on March 10th -they received a .'-written invitation, signed by Cblonel Pimenow,’ on behalf of General Iwanow, asking them to come to a meeting with the lat­ter and stressing the absolute necessity and exceptional importance of that meeting. At, the end of the-written invitation, Colonel Pimenov/- said that as-an officer-of the Red Army he guaranteed the safety of the' invited persons. Later it was ex­plained by the Soviet authorities that the political aim of this invitation was, amongst other matters, to discuss the- coming into the open of Polish political parties, which had so far not revealed themselves /to the Soviets/, "in order to include them into the general current of democratic forces in independent Poland". Colonel Pimenow made similar requests to the. Polish political parties at- that time. On March 20th, in reply to previous requests from the Polish side, Colonel Pi­ menow announced that the Soviet authorities agreed to enable twelve Polish politi­cians to fly to ^London, in order to confer with the Polish Government and politi­cians here.: v ’•'On March 27th, the Deputy Prime Minister and Polish Government Delegate in Poland, the chairman of the Council of. National Unity and the last Commander of the now disbanded Home Army presented themselves to General Iwanow, in accordance with his invitation. They have so far not returned from their visit and have given no sign of life either to their families'or to anyone else. On March' 28th, three polish Cabinet Ministers, then in Poland, eight members of Polish political parties and an interpreter presented themselves to General I - wanow in accordance with his invitation. They have also not returned from this visit and have given no sign of life.- .There has been no further news about the fate and whereabouts of any of the fifteen persons invited by General Iwanow." +++*This communique aroused considerable interest and inspired .several commenta­ries in the British and foreign press. Amongst others the Sunday paper "The Ob­server" of 8.4.45, in an article by a "Special Correspondent", published several details concerning the supposed conferences huldin Moscow with the above-mention­ Polished personalities. ?The Polish Daily /Dziennik Polski/ in London-of 10.4,45 printed along ex­planation outpointing the inaccuracies contained in ,"The Observer'"s article, and giving additional details complementary to the official government statement. The following are extracts from the Polish Daily's commentary: Up to now nothing is known in London about the Polish, political leaders taken from Poland, about their present whereabouts, about any negotiations which they may
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