Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 15 No 11

THE NATIONAL BOOK ASSOCIATION Chairman of Publishing Committee .Walter Hutch in ,m.a.,son f.r.g .s .a.,f.r f.r.i., .a.,.s f.z .s., Barrister-at-Law .THE AIMS OF THE ASSOCIATION inFormed 1937, *he National Book Association is Uie oldest and most firmly established of all Book Clubs. It is strictly non-party, but it upholds the principle of Constitutional Government. Love oi individual liberty, the right to discuss freely any subject, political or otherwise, which concerns them, is one of the predominant characteristics of the British people. Such is the creed of the National Book Association. The foremost aim of the Association is to bring the very best informative and educative txx>kt on current affairs within the reach of everybody. Nearly forty books have been issued by the Association since its formation. HOW TO JOIN It costs absolutely nothing to enrol as a member— there are 110 subscription or membership fees. Each month the Association issues to its members, for 2s. 6d. ONLY, a handsomely produced book of outstanding merit on social, economic and political topics, or current world affairs. From time to time biographical works, historical novels, etc., will be issued, the aim of all the Association’s selections being to hammer home the greatness of Britain and the Empire, and the sterling achievements of the British race. Thus, at a cost of ONLY Aid. DAY ,you can buildup a first-class library of outstanding books which you will be proud to own. Remember —this is not a library subscription scheme. Each selection remains your own property, and a member’s only undertaking is to enrol for a minimum period of six months and give four weeks' notice of cancellation. New Members receive ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE one of the Association's previous selections. Full particulars of this offer are given in the Association’s Prospectus. SOME RECENT SELECT IONS O F THEN .B.A .,THE HEART O F FRANCE .George Slocom be. (Published at 10s.) AMONG OTHERS. Lord Elton .(Published at 15s.) YOU ’RE WELCOME. Charles Graves. .(.Published at 7s. 6d.) A MILLION OCEAN MILES .SirEd g arT. Brit ten ,R.D R.N .V .R .Published at 8s. 6d.) LLOYD A:S Historical Sketch by Ralph S tra us. (Published at 18 s.)T RIB UTE TO ENGLAND .Prof. Martin G ilk es. (.Published at 7s. 6d.) G.K .CHESTER TON'S AUTO BIOGRAPHY (Published at 10s. 6d.) FARE WELL THE BANNER .Frances Win war. {Published at 12 s. 6d.) ENGLAND 'SP L E A SAN C E.S. P.B. M ais. (Published at 7s. 6d.) FIFTY T H R IL YEARLING SAT SE A .Captain J.G. Whitfield. fPublished at 105. 6d.) MOMENTS O F MEMORY. The Hon. Her bert Asquith .(Published at 18s.) New members may ante-date membership so as to obtain all or any of the Association's previous issues. Write for Prospectus giving full details: NATIONAL BOOK ASSOCIATION Official Publishers :HUTCHINSON &CO. (Publishers), Ltd., 47 PRINCES GATE, LONDON, S.W.7 (Kensington 9211) .(Dept. P.H.)
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