Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 15 No 4

tog* before publication— New edition now ready WAVELL IN THE MIDDLE EAST by MAJOR -GENERAL H. ROWAN ROBINSON, c.b .c.« go so .By a well-known authority on Eastern affairs, this is a brilliant study o f W avell’s strategy and inspired leadership. Here is an authentic and dramatic account o f the immense conflict— a picture o f great victories and Britain’s growing powers landon and sea and in the air. 63 magnificent photo graphs, izs. 6d. --------------—_ _ _ _ — _ Important new HUTCH IN SON books in demand everywhere FROM LEW LING TON TOW A V ELL by Sir George Arthur A brilliant record of some of the happenings, the ups and downs as well as the dead levels which the British Army has had to encounter. The weapons, supplies— not always too bountiful— it has enjoyed. A tribute to two great leaders. I'^s. fid. WHO GOES THERE ?by Sir Archibald Hurd \volume covering a wide range of interests and challenges contemporary opinion on the actions and policies of some o f the greatest public men who have passed across the stage of British history during the present century •.16 Illustrations. I2«. fxl THE ADMIRALS HOOD by Dorothy Hood I his intriguing record ol the famous line of great Admirals is based on authentic family records, many published for the first time, and reflects great eras in the history of the Royal Navy. Coloured frontispiece and 15 unique illustrations. 18s. TANKS hy Professor A.M. Low A fully illustrated and absorbing book giving historical, technical, and general information of vital interest and importance. Author of The Submarine at War, etc. Illustrated. 9s. 6d. THE GERMAN NEW ORDER IN POLAND Firsthand documentary evidence o f the aims and methods o f national destruction under German occupation. Without these facts you cannot understand this war or plan for the peace. 586 pages. 185 Illustrations. 10s. 6<J. HUTCHINSON THE LARGEST BOOK PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD I
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