Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 14 No 7

Out of a German Prison Camp! W YCHW OOD CHRONICLES by two British Officer Prisoners-of- War Capt. J. L.R. CROFT and Lieut. R.A. AXFORD Times Literary Supplement: “The circum- <tances in which it was written, the courage and perseverance of the writers and the insistent gaiety that pervades the pages will make their appeal to anybody who glances through them.” 7/6 See for yourself! BRITISH, AMERICAN, GERMAN AND ITALIAN AIRCRAFT Here is a collection of 436 photograph? and drawings with explanatory’ notes. The recognition of aircraft is a subject which demands enthusiasm and care, and this book will help to make you an expert. 3/6 FIRE !FIRE !!FIRE !!!FIRE OVER LONDON This is the official story of The London Fire Service from 1940-1941 and gives profuse descriptions as well as an intensely interest­ing range of photographs and diagrams. 1/- THE LARGEST: BOOK PUBLISHE in the World •The Way to Success! THE ART OF PRACTICAL THINKING by RICHARD WEIL Jr. JUST A S a good golfer must know his clubs and how to use them, so a good worker must know his brain and how to use it. IT IS the purpose o f this book to provide that knowledge for the intelligent layman. F. OC.H O PER (Joint Managing Director o fLew is’s) writes:" A most stimulating effort along newlines which should be o f great general interest particularly to younger people.” 8/6 jARROLDS -LONDON Here is a book YOU should read and recommend! The SHAME OF VICHY by the political correspondent to The Daily Mail EMRYS JONES DAILY MIRROR :“You may learn some o f the lessons if you study this which tells, without passion, but with dreadful certainty, some o f the reasons for the fall o f Fran ce.” 2/6 HUTCHINSON
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