Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 13 No 10

To Save Money is to Make It. This tells you how I LEONORA EYLES’s CUTTING THE COAT This expert on domestic economy tells you how to manage your personal expenses, household billf, rent, travelling, enter­tainments and education. A book for every wartime house­hold. A HUTCHINSON I/- SPECIAL Read about these heroes by GARRY ALLIGHAN These gripping dramas ot epic adventure and deathless glory pin-point the heroism which won the first thirteen V .Cs of this war. JOHN LONG 1/-2 new Hutchinson 6 d L Specials LET IT ROLL by SIR ROW LAND EVANS Practically every paper in the country has written editorials praising thi6 plan for post-war Anglrv Amcrican leadership. With a foreword by Admiral of the Fleet Lord Chatficld. WOMEN FALL IN Dr. EDITH SUM M ERSK ILL, ALP. This tells you all you want to know concerning train­ing, pay, conditions, and billeting for women who are helping their country’s war effort. HUTCHINSON BRITAIN WAR AIR-COMMODORE L.E.O. CHARLTON CB„ C.M.G., D.S.O. This is a book to buy and give pride of place on your bookshelf. It gives you the first fifteen months of the war in, and from, the air, including some sea and land battles. Printed on British Art Paper throughout. r rown quarto, 414 illustrations. 21s. Two important new Hutchinson books you should read DEFENCE OF THE WESTERN WORLD by HANSON W. BALDWIN What about America’s armaments ?Here is the answer to all the questions you arc asking. By the famous military and naval expert of the Ntw York Times. 10s. 6d. NORWAY -NEUTRAL AND INVADED by HALVAN KOHT Here is the description of Norway struggling to preserve her neutrality, and her fight (which still goes on under the sign of V) against German aggression and oppression. By the former Foreign Minister. 7s. 6d.
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