Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 3 No 6

i!I? !?HUTCHINSON Important new political books THE WELLSPRiNGS 0 F LIBERTY b y EDOUARD HERRIOT The famous French Statesman describes the good and permanent things that have occurred since the revolution which gained France her liberty, and throws invigorating reflections on the present situation. 7/6 (Hutchinson). MEN, MARTYRS &MOUNTEBANKS b y BEVERLEY BAXTER The INNER STORY of personalities and events behind the WAR. Mr. Baxter is the obvious successor to Mr. Churchill as contemporary historian. 8/(1 (Hut chin son). FROM WART O WAR b y STEPHEN GRAHAM A modern history, presented in factual and compre­hensive form for clear and accurate reference. Anew- way of presenting history by the author of "Stalin," etc. Illustrated. 7/6 (Hut chin son ).1 WAS HITLER’S MAID b y PAULINE KOHLER What Hitler cats, drinks and wears. His habits, his vices and his amazing love r.ffairs revealed for the first time by an ex-member of his household staff. 2/6 (John Long ).MY PART IN GERMANY’S FIGHT b Dr.y GOEBBELS The Times: "One of the best books available for anyone who wants to watch the Nazi struggle for power in 1912."7/6 (Hurst& B lackett). HITLER OVER LATIN AMERICA by N. P.M ACDO N ALD A constant contributor on foreign affairs to the British and Foreign Press, the author deals fully with Hitler’s designs in Latin America. 12/0( J arr o i.d s).HOW TO CONQUER HITLER b y vII. o n Rauschcnplatt &H. Monte The Times: "Deserves to be read by all who imagine that we have only got to sit back and watch the Nazi facade crumble.” 10/6( J arr OUTs).old OF REV O LU T ION byE. ROSEN STOCK HUESSY History examined in its major movements, such as the Russian, French, English, German, Roman and American Revolutions. 34 illustrations. 18/- (J arr s).old STEP-DAUGHTER OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA b y NAT H A LIE MAJOLIER The amazing storv of the fall of Czarist Russia told by a member of the Royal House. A moving, intimate book. 20 illustrations. 16/- (Stanley P a l).u MISS BAX OF THE EMBASSY b y EMILY B A X The first book to be written from inside an American Embassy by a typist who worked in the Embassy in London for 12 years. Illustrated. 16/- (Hut chin son). THESE GERMANS b y JOHN H EYGATE A thoughtful and important book, in which German life and German psychology are explained in a fascinating manner. 12/6 (Hutchinson). Blue-pencilled by the Censor SECRET SERVICES o f EUROPE b y ROBERT BOUCARD Information on spies and spying never previously revealed. “A book of fact that is just as exciting as any fiction. True and amazing stories concerning many of the famous and most skilful spies of the last War.” —Cambridge Daily News. Illustrated. 16/- (Stanley Paul). LONDON Paternoster Row i :
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