Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 3 No 3

HUTCHINSON’ PICTORIALS HISTORY t °hf WARe I ONE of the major mistakes made by the Nazi leader and his ill-advised supporters in contemplating their wanton attack on Poland was in believing that the British Com mon ­wealth of Nations was ripe for disintegration. Britain, they fondly imagined, dared not give effect to her pledge of active support for Poland partly from the fear that such action would not receive the approval and co-operation of the Dominions. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, all would maintain neutrality as they had every right to do. Instead, however, they all made immediate preparations to enter the conflict, and some are already taking part. Thousands of Canadians have for sometime been in England completing their training before joining the B.E.F. in France in Australia the Second Expeditionary Force is rapidly taking shape New Zealand has sent many pilots to these islands while Indian troops have already joined the British Arm yon the Western Front. Week by week you can follow the progress of the Dominion forces in “Hutch in son’s Pictorial History of the War ,”which presents a remarkable pictorial record of the war in all its phases, both at home and at the front. N o other publication contains so many official and general pictures of the war, while the specially contributed articles by leading authorities combine to make “Hutch in son’s Pictorial History of the War ’’the most complete and authentic work of its kind. Published every Thursday and produced on the finest British art paper, it is a distinctive work vitally necessary for all who take an intelligent interest in the progress of the war. WALTER HUT CHIN SON ,Editor. ---------------IN BIG DEMAND—------------ MINISTERE DES AFFAIRES ETRANGERES THE FRENCH YELLOW BOOK DIPLOMATIC DOCUMENTS (1938-1939) Papers relative to the events and negotiations which preceded the opening of hostilities between Germany on the one hand, and Poland, Great Britain and France on the other Published by Authority of the French Government by HUTCHINSON &CO. (Publishers) LTD. London and Melbourne PAPER BOUND 3/6 CLOTH BOUND 5/-
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