Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 7

-6 BLACK AND WHITE •BUDGET A dispatch rider gets nearly a pound a mile, but as often as not he does not get very far. Only the ‘Other day lour o f Reuter’s dispatch runners were caught by the Boers near M afeking. The war needs of the soldiers are keeping many people busy. TheW oolw ich Clothing Department is turning out 10,000 sets o f military garments weekly, and this is only one department out of many which, -are working at this high pressure. Dist res sis likely to become acute in many parts of South Africa if the war lasts long. Already at D e A ar a pound has only the purchasing power o f eight shillings. The Free State is likely to suffer •especially, as the Basutos refuse to harvest the ripe crops which are rotting in the ground. The siege season at Kimberley is now in full swing. Mr. Rhodes is the lion, and keeps the fun going. Amongst those most inconspicuous the society of the town are Mr. and Mrs. Rochefort M aguire, who are Pres i dent Kruger takes his pipe with him everywhere said to be thoroughly enjoying the experience. An occasional shell is supposd to bean excellent preventive o f ennui. Nice little presents for Tommy, wounded well,and are being prepared in England. A well-known firm o f wine merchants has presented a pipe of port for use on the Princess o f W ales’s Hospital Ship. Manchester is making plum -puddings for Christmas at the Cape— a pretty thoughtfulness that should be appreciated, and Messrs. Lyons and Co. are sending out 10,000 o f the same! Meanwhile there is also a necessity much wanted. Who will make a present of salt ?Every facility for quick communication is welcomed in modern warfare. Search-lights are being largely used to flash messages through the clear South African lights. At Ladysm ith the surrounding hills are .avoided by using the military balloon. In daytime the heliograph is the chief means of comm unication, but this has been rendered useless between Ladysm ith and Estcourt recently 011 account ot the hazes. No doubt this difficulty will soon be overcome when wireless telegraphy is adopted. Signor M arconi’s assistants have already started for the Cape, and the inventor himself will follow shortly.
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