Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 7

4 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET Boers, who have not lost their skill as sappers which they showed at the siege o f Potchefstroom, in 1881, were upbringing their trenches uncomfortably close to the town. T o put an end to this, Captain Fitzclarence was sent outwith his squadron o f the Protectorate Regiment, and led a most successful bayonet charge on the Boers, who, disliking close quarters, do not carry bayonets themselves, and will probably,, after this experience, regard themas some kind o f atrocity like lyddite. W e lost six o f the fifty men who did this splendid work, but more lives would probably have been lost if the Boers had been allowed to make rifle trenches within orange f the town. A sit was, they waited for some days before making their great attack, and when diGit come, on October 31, our men were ready for it, and hurled back C ronje’s crew with terrible loss. Colonel W alford and his men made a splendid defence o f Cannon Kopje, on which the attack was particularly severe. Our losses were six killed and five wounded, and M afeking is safe. For the rest, with the exception o f the skirmish near Belmont with 700 Boer:,, when Colonel K eith-F alconer was killed, reports show nothing but active preparation for the crucial battle o f the war which experts anticipate in a week tenor days. Lady ­smith is still holding out, and the anxious listeners at Estcourt are daily rejoiced to hear the deep-sounding naval guns predominate over and finally silence the Boer tail of the Kruger The head and penny Commander Joubert's signature Commander Cronje’s signature cirtillery. The Boers seem afraid to occupy Colenso, and the bridges arc still intact, so that the 11,000 troops now landed and landing at Durban are likely to have it all their own way when they move to the relief o f General White and his garrison. Kimberley, too, is likely to holdout till the relief column, which is now on the way, reaches it. Colonel K ekew ich and his troops are quite capable o f holding the place for sometime yet, and seem to regard the efforts o f the Boers to capture it with amused unconcern. The dispatch riders carry such messages as this :—“The enemy are now throwing shells into the reservoir water. The weather is very fine.” Can indifference any further g o?We are still waiting for some decided move, but we wait in perfect confidence. The irregular troops in South Africa have proved o f what fine stuff they are made, and now tried soldiers are arriving in thousands who do not need to put it to the proof. Poor Boers !NOTES O’ WAR The child is father (.0 the man :General Buller at school was always, in the opinion o f his old master, Mr. Penrose, “an audacious boy.” H e was also a fighting- boy. The Rev. W alrond Clarke, o f Clayhidon, lias not forgotten a black eye that he gave him, while consoling himself with the remembrance that “he got well in 011 the General’s nose.”
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