Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 6

6 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET will get round the Boers on the west, and will invade the Transvaal. If this be the case, the further the Boers come into the Cape and into Natal the better. T hey will have a longer journey back. These invasions need cause no alarm. W e would rather say, “ Let ’em all come ! ” ...... ......... .. . -- ---------- > --« > 0 < ------------ S u m m a ry o f Recent E vents Nov. 2nd. — Boer troops resume the bombardment of Ladysmith, from which place all women and children were, on November ist, sent South, but the British guns in Ladysmith return the enemy’s fire, and eventually silence all the hostile batteries. The Boer General, Joubert, sends in nine wounded British recently captured bv him, and an exchange of prisoners is effected by Sit G. White. The town of Ladysmith is now completely invested by the enemy, who have seized all communications, and a large commando of Boers is also stated to be threatening Colenso, which place is reported to have been evacuated by the British forces. Lieutenant Egerton, of H .M .S. Powerful, wounded in the action at Farquhar’s Farm, dies. Boer troops have destroyed, or hold in their hands, all the bridges commanding Cape Colony, and the Orange River, which for the past few days has been rising fast, is now in flood and reported to be impassable. An action takes place south of Ladysmith, in which the British shell a Boer position without loss. The Boers are reported to have lost somewhat heavily. Transport Nineveh arrives at Cape Town, where she disembarks the New South Wales Lancers amid great enthusiasm. Nov. 3rd.— W ar Office issues a list of officers “ killed, wounded, or m issing” after the action at Farquhar’s Farm. Second contingent of New South Wales troops leaves Sydney for the Cape, whilst the 6th Dragoon Guards, 73rd Battery of Royal Field Artillery, and other regiments, leave Tilbury and Chatham for South Africa. Boer troops once more shell Ladysmith, but their fire, which proves comparatively harmless, is again silenced by the British Naval Battery, though desultory firing still continues. H .M .S. Terrible leaves Cape Town for Durban, carrying officers and guns for Ladysmith. The report of the evacuation of Colenso, which was successfully carried out, receives official confirmation to-day. Boer authorities, issue a proclamation annexing the L pper Tugela District to the Orange Free State. British troops evacuate Stormberg, which is reported to be threatened by Boer commandoes, who are massing at Bethulie and in its neighbourhood, whilst great anxiety is making itself felt at Pietermaritzburg, where it is proposed to raise a local volunteer force for the defence of the town. Nov. 4th.— The ist Battalion of the Welch Regiment, the 2nd Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers, together with portions of the Black Watch, Royal Engineers, and other regi­ ments, sail for South Africa from Southampton on board the steamship Kildonan Castle, whilst the 2nd Battalion of Somersetshire Light Infantry, and some 350 seamen and marines of Cape Squadron leave the port later in the day on board the steamship Briton. The Kildonan Castle carries close 0 11 3,000 troops, the largest number ever dispatched in one boat to any war. Sir W. F. Hely-Hutchinson (Governor of Natal on behalf of British Government) issues a counter-proclamation to that published by the- Free State authorities annexing the Upper Tugela District of Natal. Mr. Convnham Greene, British Agent at Pretoria, arrives at Southampton. Lieutenant F. Greville Egerton is promoted to the rank of Commander “ for special services with the forces in South Africa,” an announcement-that-comes unfortunately too late. W ar Office receives a dispatch from the General Officer Commanding in Natal confirming the report current that fighting had taken place to the south of Colenso, and affirming that an engagement, which lasted “ some hours,” had taken place yesterday to the “ south-west of Lady­ smith,” in which the British loss had been “ very small.” More skirmishes are reported from the Rhodesian frontier, but the fighting in that neighbourhood has not yet assumed any great importance. Nov. 6th. — There is a report current, emanating from Estcourt, that the Boer losses on 2nd inst. amounted to a total of 800 “ killed, wounded, and missing.” Boer commandoes are reported to have invaded Zululand. All telegraphic communication to the North of Estcourt has been entirely stopped. >4© V. 7th .— Sir Redvers Buller re-wires an intercepted dispatch from the correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, stating that since the 3rd inst. there had been a cessation of hostilities in the neighbourhood of Estcourt, but that a smart action had taken place that day near Dewdrop under Colonel Brocklehurst, who drove the Boers back a considerable distance and captured a gun. The British total loss on that occasion amounted to eight killed and twenty wounded, but the enemy is reported to have lost very heavily. A report is current that Colonel Plumer’s force is working its way down to Mafeking, whilst from that place come rumours, that skirmishes are daily taking place about the neigh­ bourhood, in which actions the chief advantage has so far lain with the besieged garrison.
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