Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 6

BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET o f the English troops to ado good deal more than hold their own even at Lady­ smith, where the Boers are three to one. On Thursday, November 2nd, General French, at Tatham Farm,’s captured a Boer Camp. The engagement was behaviour of the British Next day ,General and Field Artillery, the Im- Natal Mounted Volunteers, south-west, and engaged the The native runners are still at their treacherous it is said that the Tommies and forwent the Boers with for mercy. Commandant Frederick after having both his legs wounds received at Farquhar’s some face of a born sailor. Egerton, was an Admiral, and present Duke of Devonshire, at its brilliant opening, for though for the last two and a-half years he had been on the China station as Gunnery- Lieutenant to 11 .M.S. Powerful. He was just thirty. The news of his well-won promotion only reached Ladysmith after his death. “Home is the sailor, home from sea.” Commander F. G. E^erton, U .X .Killed, Farquhar's Farm distinguished by the brilliant Cavalry. Brocklehurst, with Cavalry perial Light Horse, and the led a splendid sortie to the Boers at Potgieter’s Farm, bring news that the Boers game with the white flag, but had had quite enough of it. such ferocity that they howled Greville Egerton, who died amputated by reason of Farm, has the frank, hand- His father, the Hon. Francis his mother is the sister of the His career has been shortcut this was his first campaign. Here the Royal Heralds arc reading her M ajesty’s Proclamation summoning the Militia, from the Cross o f Edinburgh. The finger o f ironic Fate has made this picture possible. Mr. Gladstone’ r stored the cross, supplying the basal structure, when he was member forM idlothian, at a cost o f ^,000 .He gave away the Transvaal. Now ,from this gift of his, the Militia are summoned to defend the country while our soldiers are winning back tht* Tran sv a al! W e are waiting now for the important move of the war. It is idle to predict v,hat will happen. But it seems probable that now Ladysmith is safe for sometime {the Boers have not even made an effective occupation of Colenso), Sir Redvers Buller
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