Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 6

BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET “COME ONE, COME ALL” President K rug eris said to have received the news of the battle of Elandslaagte quite calmly but we doubt whether his patience will stand the strain of the unsuccessful investments by which the Boers are frittering away their strength. Ladysmith is not only safe, but its garrison is also making successful sorties, which are giving Joubert more than enough to occupy his time and men. Kimberley is so safe ihat Mr. Rhodes is said to be engaged in the idyllic pursuit•> f planting orange trees, with espaliers for vines, and a background o f pepper trees. Ilcrc, in the centre o f this group, you see Paul Kruger as lie was in 18S1, during his \visit to England. This photo was taken at Brighton M afeking— strengthened by the force under Colonel Plumer— is considered impregnable. And yet the Boers are invading Cape Colony, where they have destroyed the Coles- berg bridge and taken the town, and are advancing into South Natal, having taken Colenso, but spared the bridge over the Tugela. A Where do they get the men for these extensive operations? It is true that all the Transvaal police were sent out after Elandslaagte, and every obit f cannon has been removed from Johannesburg (which means, by the way, that the Transvaal is practically undefended). But even then they cannot have enough men to do all they are trying Canto. it be that the “lo y al” Dutch at the Cape and in Natal are joining their brother Boers ?Whatever is happening, the arrival of the troops from England will soon show them that to disperse their troops in little handfuls allover South Africa is the most egregious folly. The actual fighting that has taken place since our last issue has proved the capacity
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