Eighth Army News No 94 Vol 5 September 28th 1944

STOP PRESS Officially stated withdrawal of Arnhem carried out during Monday night and now completed. Bad weather prevented Allies dropping adequate supplies and re­inforcements at proper place and time. No. 94. Vol. 5. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,1944 ITALY AIRBORNE MEN PULLED OUT OF ARNHEM SUPREME ALLIED H.Q., Wednesday. j k LLIED Supreme Command announced late last night that "¦the British Airborne troops in Arnhem have been with­drawn to the south bank o f the river Lek. The announcement says that these men made a bTg<^ntribu- tion to the success of the drive across the Rhine. A ii.B.C. correspondent stated that the troops have had to leave a proportion of their wounded behind, but they had some solid achievements to their credit. The German News Agency had previously stated that ’’fierce air battles were fought in the skies over Holland when Allied gliders and bombers took advantage of a temporary improve­ment in the weather to reinforce their paratroops in various landing areas.” Meanwhile as we buildup our communications between Eind­ hoven and Nijm egen the Germans are t&rowing in powerful drives trying to effect a permanent frac­ture o f the line. These assaults are being repulsed and the official communique a«- nounces further gains south o f the Meuse to Oss in the west, and to the Boxm eer area in the east. A stretch of five miles o f the Meuse south o f B oxm eer is in our hands. GAINS TO THE EAST AND WEST Gains have also been made on both sides o f the base o f the salient. To the east around Mae- seych we control the west bank of the Meuse between W essen and Eilsen, while on the west side we have reached the Antw erp-Turn- hout Canal and hold a considerable ^gOTUcui^f its entire length. Eighth Army Well North Of Rimini In Outskirts Of Bellaria: Beyond Rubicon "Siay Mway” Zones SEVENTY thoft-and evacu-ees are to v j w ni< >their, homes in the S ik and West o f EngUrs . IK* Mid­lands, Wales "ri Reuter report(, jje s 'jik.i,. -----T h.e.r MUn t r T 'CC ll divided into K. urn Home” and ”Stay A a y ”areas. ’’Stay A w ttf* areas are London, Esse.i\ .T erts, Kent, M iddlesex, SarjsptJc, Surrey. Sussex and i>r «>>••<so f Yarm outh, G»«?/./, Ctee- thorpes und m i ADVANCED ALLIED H.Q., Wednesday. USHING eight miles beyond Rimini in the broadening entrance of the Po Valley, Dominion troops of Eighth Army are now in the outskirts of Bellaria. On their left British tronps. !ii heavy fighting, have e^fTriited ffatr bridgi h'-ad over the Rubicon anti are approaching the,town of Savignano. Three German regiments were thrown into the infighting this area on September 25. British troops captured Cor- nacchiara, on the ridge between the Rubicon and F ium icino rivers, and their advance con­tinues. Anew weapon the enemy Is i&e Allied positions^Wiffjairi Steen, ol Reuter, at Supreme Allied H.Q., reports that Hitler has lost in the west an army twice as strong as that ho now has strung out along the whole front. From Belgium through Hol­land and down along the Sieg­fried line to Belfort Gap, the Germans havie put into the line effective strength of from 20 t< )30 divisions— between 300,000 and 450,000 men. These include remnants of the Seventh, 15th and 19th armies. Since D -Day German losses have been roughly estimated at 500,000 in prisoners, 100,000 in killed, and 200,000 in seriously wounded, giving a total o f 800,000. In addition, continues Steen, Hitler can write off as a complete loss the fortress troops holding out at Calais, Dunkirk, Lorient, Saint Nazaire and at points along the Biscay coast. ”The forces now being deployed by the Germans are not strong enough to launch an effective counter-offensive and appear even too weak for the defensive role they ha\'3 to play. MODERATE ARTILLERY FIRE AT AACHEN The daily advances strengthen this report and to the south as far IS WAR THEATRE JELLIED troops, landed by sea and from I h e a i r,are operating ”on a iaide fron t”in Albania and on the islands off the Yugoslav coast, a special .com m unique issued b they Balkan Air, Force disclosed yesterday, A naval announcement made simultaneously said that landing craft o f the Royal Navy, sup­ported by destroyers and light coastal craft, had been ferrying Allied troops and Yugoslav Parti­sans since September 16 in a series o f operations designed to harass the German withdrawal from the Balkans. The operations were tinder the commando f Land Forces Adriatic, a commando formation setup almost four months ago to co­operate with the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Allied (Continued on Page 4, Col. 3) Partisan Forces. N a ii para If* 't!n who took the advice o fan Allied Icaf- A’*n r.-irrrrnn troop sin F'rtftr.'t 1 Pm wtT* over his surrender pass gu ara n teeing .him safe passage through the Allied lines if h e gives up the fight for the Fuehrer. ALLIES ANNOUNCE NEW CONCESSIONS TO ITALY ITALY is to be given a greater degree of self-government and is to he iirVted to appoint ”direct representatives" to London and Washington. These developments in diplomatic relations between Great Britain :md the United States and Italy, 13 months after Italy's exit from Ike war. have been announced by Mr. Churchill and President Koosevelt in a joint statement. The statement says Allied engineers, technicians and in­dustrial experts are to be sent to Italy to help in the country’s economic recovery. W e believe we should give encouragement to those Italians who stand for the political rebirth in Italy and who are completing the destruction of its Fascist system ,”the ,i6int statement goes on. ”The American and British peoples are, o f course, horrified by the recent mob inaction Rome but feel that greater respon­sibility placed in the hands o f the Italian people and of its govern­ment will most readily prevent the recurrence of such acts.” The British High Commis­sioner in Italy, the statement adds, will become Ambassador. The American representative in Rome already holds that rank. ”We have instructed our repre­sentatives at the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Admini­stration to declare for the sending o f medical aids and other essential supplies to Italy,” the statement says, adding :—”At the same time, the first steps should betaken towards the reconstruction o f Italian ...economy. These steps should betaken primarily as military aims to put the lull resources o f Italy and the Italian neopie into the struggle to defeat Germany and Japan.” 'Baltic Graveyard For The Germans %DRIVING through the ’’flotsam and jetsam” of the German armies of the Baltic Soviet forces have captured Cesis, a powerful stronghold 45 miles nortli-east of Riga, the great Latvian port and capital More than 300 villages fell to Russian arms in one day in this drive, reports Reuter. The Germans are being bled white in desperate fighting. A German military com­mentator, Lt.-C ol. Alfred Olberg, admits that Esthonia has been completely occupied b they Russians. ’’The Russians,” he adds, ”have reached their first objective—they have pushed their front to the Baltic.” ”They are now going over to their second task—to encircle and throw into the sea the German army group concentrated round Riga,” he added. Main Soviet pressure is being exerted westwards along the southern bank o f the Gauya river, which flows into the sea a few mixes from Riga. An eye-witness describes the Baltic as” a graveyard of the German Arm y.” Along the Estlionia coast south o f Tallinn the Russians are hunt­ing scattered groups o f Germans attempting to concentrate for a dash to Riga. In southern Poland the Red Army has taken Turka, a town in the Carpathians on the railway line between Poland and C zecho­ slovakia. Five Danube Bridges Impassable T^IVE o f the eight bridges earry- railing traffic across the Danube between Budapest and Belgrade are impassable, according to photo reconnaissance reports. F cur bridges were cut as a re­sult o f a series of M.A.A.F! attacks. The fifth is belie v to'd have been destroyed by Partisans. Palaus up to September 25. Released, Ramsay Takes Place In Commons rp H E Conservative Member of Parliament for Peebles, Capt. A. H.M. Ram say, who had been detained under Regulation 18B for over four years, was released from Brixton Prison on Tuesday night and _took his plae§. in the House of Commons yesterday. The Home Secretary, Mr. Herbert Morrison, annonnced Capt. Ram ­say’s release when the House re­assembled on Tuesday. Mr. Morrison said Capt. Ramsay had been detained on the ground that there was reasonable cause to believe him to abe person who might have been concerned in acts prejudicial to public safety or defence o f the Realm ,but Allied successes now justified his risk in releasing Capt. Ramsay. Peleliu Defenders Almost Encircled A m eiican forces on Peleliu Island, in the southern Palaus, have almost encircled the bitterly- resisting Japanese force.. All communications between the northern and southern Japanese resistance pockets on Peleliu have been severed. A Pacific Fleet communique said that 680 Americans have been killed, 4,408 wounded and 406 are missing in the invasion of the using against Kightli Army is the German 88 mm. anti-tank, which is the first 88 mm. made* expressly as an anti-tank weapon, and is a considerable improvement on the 88 mm. acli-aek gun used in an anti­tank role. A t least three o f these new guns have been captured. In the central sector, American and British troops o f Fifth Army have made slight advances against determined enemy resistance. SLOWING UP OPERATIONS Elements o f three infantry divisions which the enemy has brought up to check the Fifth Arm y’s advance is slowing up operations. Tactical aircraft yesterday con­tinued their attacks against com­munications and battle zone targets in northern Italy. Medium bombers attacked raii and road bridges in the P o \Valley,•\ tile fighter-bom bers were active against troop concentrations, rail­way lines, roiling stock, motor transport, and supply dumps in an^ near the battle area. “COMPLETELY SURPRISED KESSELRING” C l'F K E M E Allied Commander in the Mediterranean, General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson, Has sent a message of congratulations (o General Sir Harold Alexander on the breaking of the Gothic Line. The message states:” The_ skill and speed with which the Eighth Army was regrouped once more completely surprised Kesselring. ”This fact and the determina­tion o f the advance resulted in the early breach o f the enem y’s most easterly defences, and have forced him to use up more and more of his reserves on that flank. ”The »determined attack o f the American and British troops of the Fifth Army inmost difficult country has now breached the Gothic Line at its strongest place, and the Fifth Army stands ready to push forward into the plains.” 1 hope that the crossing of the Rubicon will lead, as with a famous commander in the past, to decisive victory, and the destruc­tion o f K esselring’s army.” Bevin On Benefits For Workless T’lHE Government intends to im - provja unemployment benefit, in the transition period while factories are swung over from one form of production to another without waiting for the Social Services Bill. This announcement was made by Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labour, when he addressed a con­ference o f National Federation of Building Trade Operatives in York yesterday. The improvement in unemploy­ment pay, he added, would be part of the re-allocation of labour demand obilisation process.—- Reuter. SUPER-FORTS’ THIRD RAID ON MANCHURIA A LARGE force of Super­ fortresses struck at industrial targets in Manchuria for the third tim eon Tuesday. Blows were struck against in­dustrial installations at Anshan and dock areas at Dairen. In the daylight attack from Chinese bases not a single plane is missing.— R euter.
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