The Illustrated War News, Part 19, December 16th 1914

THE ILLUSTRATED WAR NEWS, DEC. 16,1914.— IV --------------—------When your Baby starts to walk ,r¦y °u will know that your love and devotion have brought him safely through the perilous first few r'tff'.' 1 A months of life, and his sturdy limbs and happy, contented disposition will make you glad that you insisted from the first, that Baby’s food must be either his mother’s milk— or Glaxo. As 1 1 Harley Street Infant Specialist said when calle din con­sultation over a doc tor 'sown baby ,“It must b e either Glaxo or a Wet Nurse .”Glaxo was chosen ,and ten months afterward s the doc tor w r o te:“ I am more than satisfied with the result of‘ G lax o ’feeding min y child case’s .He is firm, lias c u this tee thu top date ,and there is plenty o f bone .He is now 11 month sold ,stand sup well, and there a reno signs o f rickets .”Glaxo builds healthier, hap pie rand brighter babies than those fed o n starchy and Hour foods, b ec a use a pure ,easily- d ig e teds milk is the only food suitable for a young baby ,arid Glaxo is entirely p u re,fresh milk enriched with extra cream and milk sugar. All the natural sweetness o f the milk is retained bv the Glaxo Process, which also causes the nourishing casein o f the milk subsequently to form into light, flaky particles easily digestible bv even a v erv weak b ab v . btaxo it /iritis!, m aae at Hid r it is it\ owned ,Only\ l»y*'ttsh L a bo uris !employed. Litre alt \thin v s l>r i r i sh,| Uaxo is thoroughly :1* ood a n a sen it inc. i Strong babies fed 011 Glaxo keep strong ,and when twelve month sold look like e ig h teen o-m n th s-old babies. Weak babies soon lose their weakness when fed o n Glaxo, a nil in a few months are so a lte re din appearance ,health ,and spirits that they are not re cog n ise d as the same babies. A mother says :“Lip to baby being three month sold h e was very small and puny, wand e tried all kinds o f foods, milk and barley water still h e was not thriving .How ever, even tu wally e took him to the doc tor, who advised us to immediately put him o n Glaxo (saying w e ought to have done so before ),and from that time he has never looked ."Giveback your baby Glaxo, e ith eras his sole food orin turn with breast milk, and you will be giving him the food from which ,even from birth ,baby can derive everything h e needs to grow big and strong and bonnie. The Food that Builds Bonnie Babies” GLAXO BABY BOOK FREE —Trial Tin 3d. Sen ton request by GLAXO ,47 ,KINk G’S I I I ).,ST .PAN ARC S,N .W. tded Gold •Me, tat. Intern a-| ttonal Medical Con-| "rts\ l:\h ibition . | U)n. Hv Royal| Appointm t>ent •the Court of Strain. Ask your Doctor! Before you buy a Feeder— ask your Chemist to show you the GLAXO FEEDER
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