Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 11 No. 3

An? important new book by the world-famous scientist and author Profess orA.N. LOW theSUBMARINEatWAR This is a book without technicalities. The author deals with the history o f the submarine, its pro­gress and its use in modern war. The entire working of the submarine, mines, escape apparatus and anti-submarine devices are simply explained and its legitimate described. It is a book which explains the vital importance of submarine attack and defence for England. No reader of "Hutch in ­son’s Pictorial History of the War” should be without this book. Now ready. 10s. 6d. Important tm >HUTCHINSON books which you should read SEVEN MYSTERIES of EUROPE m>/« Rornains This is the uncensored record of Jules Rom ains’ efforts to avert war and how, as friend and confidant of E u rope’s rulers he saw his best efforts frustrated by fear, deceit, treason and treachery. 12s. 6d. RICH IN RANGE by Captain G. Marochetti John O' London's :“His life makes avery lively story .”Bristol Evening Post :"One of the most pleasurable Ixjoks that will come your way .”Compton Mackenzie writes :“It is vivid and breath­ less and entertaining INQUEST fascinated me.” Illustrated. 18s. by Ingleby Oddie The outstanding reminiscences of the famous London coroner. Scotsman :‘‘Mr. Oddie gives fascinating, if gruesome, details of the Kipper murders and much interesting ...information a dynamic and exciting life.” In big demand. 16s. Important book by Reuter’s Far East Correspondent CHINA’S STRUGGLE WITH THE DICTATORS by O.M. GREEN An important book which shows Chow hina’s valiant resistance fits into the whole picture of world conflict to-day. Vital and significant. 12 illustrations. 16s. FOREWORD BY HIS EXCELLENCY THE CHINESE AMBASSADOR THE LARGEST BOOK PUBLISHERS• Tta P *
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