Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 5

4 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET instead of the account of an actual reverse. He was straightforward enough to take the whole blame on himself, and his telegram at once dispelled the fears of the fearful that perhaps British soldiers had shown“ fank.” There was no “funk ”about the way in which the Gloucesters and the Fusiliers held out for over eight hours, with only a hundred cartridges apiece, against overwhelming masses of the enemy. The officers at last capitulated only to save their men from annihilation. They knew that the main object of their expedition had been achieved, namely, to avert a flank attack upon Sir George White during an important reconnaissance, and as they were being raked by the enemy’s fire with no opportunity of reply, they at last capitulated. Before another day had passed a strong reinforcement of 900 men arrived at Lady­ smith from Durban, so that Sir George was, with truth, able to report that “the security of Ladysmith is in noway affected.” The timely arrival of Sir Redvers Buller at CapeTown fortunately relieved the tension among the Britishers in South Africa, and before many hours had passed the artillery duels at Ladysmith almost effaced the memory of the The town o f Glencoe, viewed from a moving train. The battlefield is to the left of the picture unfortunate reverse from the minds of those at the front. Sir Redvers, who had heard of the victories on his way out, at once determined to find out the cause of the reverse, and went up to Ladysmith to consider the situation in person. In the artillery duel the bluejackets showed what splendid stuff they were made of. They had surprised everybody by the quickness and secrecy with which they had brought two fifty-pounders and a number of heavy quick-firing guns from the Powerful at Durban. No Boer within six miles of Ladysmith could consider himself safe from the deadly shells that our gallant tars sent shrieking through the air. The loss inflicted on the enemy’s gunners was tremendous and though substitutes ran bravely up to replace the dead, these, too, in turn quickly fell before our deadly aim. On the Western frontier, large Boer commandoes have threatened British positions at Kimberley and Mafeking for several weeks. The photographs which we reproduce from Mafeking were sent by our correspondent there just before communications were cutoff. Still, dispatch riders have managed to get out occasionally to Kuruman and we hope to be able to give a unique photographic account of Colonel Badcn-Powcll and his
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