Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 4

6 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET Railway and telegraphic communications have been destroyed in the neighbourhood^ of Vryburg, and part of the line is said to be in the possession of the Boers. Imperial Government sends all available troops to De Aar, and the utmost activity prevails in military circles at the Cape and in England, where the work of mobilisation is rapidly proceeding. Mansion House Fund, opened by the Lord Mayor for the relief of refugees, reaches ,£25,000. “The Mosquito,” an armoured train travelling from the Cape to Mafeking, is reported to have been wrecked by Boer-s at Kraaipan, some forty miles south of Mafeking. Naval Brigade disembarks at Simons Town. Oct. 13 th .—Official confirmation of the disaster at Kraaipan is received by the Secretary of Slate for War. An invading force of some 12,000 men from the Orange Free State is reported to be advancing on Natal by Tintwa Pass, and a Boer commando of uncertain numbers is said to have crossed Laing’s Nek, and to be threatening Newcastle. A Red Cross Train, from Vryburg to Maribogo, sent out to bring back the wounded from the “Mosquito,” is fired upon by Boer troops. Portion of the Cape to Buluwayo Line is destroyed by Boers, and the town of Mafeking is completely isolated. Oct. 14 th .—General Sir Redvers Bullet* and Staff leave Waterloo for South Africa. Boer commando under Commandant Viljoen hoists the Transvaal flags at Newcastle. Oct. 1 6th.—Governor of Natal officially confirms Boer invasion of that country. The military authorities issue orders for the evacuation of Dundee. Boer commando is reported to have occupied Ingagane, and another Dannhauser. A train sent out from Kimberley to reconnoitre is attacked by Boers at Spysfontein no British losses, but Boer troops are reported to have lost some five men. Oct. 17th. —Parliament meets to discuss matters relating to the Transvaal crisis. Prince of Wales holds an inspection of 1st Battalion Scots Guards, before the departure of that regiment for the Cape. Mansion House Fund reaches ,£84,000. British outposts come into contact with enemy’s troops near Acton Homes. It is also reported that there has been an engagement between the rival patrols near Glencoe, and that after a sharp skirmish the Boer troops were defeated. Boers destroy bridges at Modder River and at Fourteen Streams. Oct. 18th .—Militia is embodied, and Militia Reserve is called out. War Office receives a dispatch from Sir G. White, dated 16th inst., stating that the Boer movement across the Drakensberg Mountains is likely to be continued, and an action maybe expected at anytime. Oct. 20th.—A large force of Boers, variously estimated as to numbers, having previously taken up a strong position on the heights overlooking G encl o e ,open fire with artillery on the British Camp at daybreak this morning. British guns reply, and after a short time the Boer artillery is silenced. Our troops advance, clear the heights, pursue the flying Boers, and—win the first victory. Oct. 2 1s t.— British troops proceeding north from Ladysmith, with the view of restoring the railway communication between the former place and Glencoe, destroyed by the Boers 011 the 18th inst., come into contact with Boer forces at Elands l a a g t e ,and a battle ensues. After silencing the Boer artillery, which was placed 011 the hills overlooking Elandslaagte, the British force storm the enemy’s position, and clear the heights at the point of the bayonet—our second victory. Oct. 2 3 rd .—An official telegram from Mafeking states that an action took place about a mile out of that town on the 15th. The British are reported to have lost twosome killed and seventeen wounded, and the Boers many more. Boer main column advances in force trom North and West 011 Glencoe. General Yule, in consequence, falls back from Dundee, where he leaves the wounded and medical attendants, and uptakes his position at Glencoe. Mansion House Fund reaches £137,000. Oct. 24th. —General Yule falls back, in order to effect a junction with Sir G. White at Ladysmith, and Sir G. White, to cover General Yule’s retreat, and effect the junction of the British forces, attacks the Boers, who have taken up their position at Rietfontein, some seven miles out of Ladysmith, on the main road leading from that place to Dundee. A sharp action takes place, in which the Boers are defeated. The Colonial Office receives a dispatch, stating that a portion of Cape Colony north of the River Vaal has been annexed by President Steyn, and that President Kruger has annexed Bechuanaland !!!Oct. 25th. — A telegram from Sir G. White is received to-day by the War Office, stating that an advanced guard sent out by him to get into touch with General Yule’s advancing force, comes within three miles of that column, then temporarily halted at Sunday River, on the Dundee Road. Sir G. White also states that he has occupied all the strong positions on the road to Ladysmith. A squadron of the 1 Sth Hussars has fallen into the hands of the enemy, and have, with their officers, been made prisoners. Kimberley and Mafeking are supposed still to be intact, but the position in both places is considered serious. At Kimberley the strictest watch and guard is being kept. All roads out of I the place are closed, and every precaution is being taken to avoid a surprise attack. A f contingent of troops for use of British Government in South Africa leave Montreal amidst wildest enthusiasm, and the Governor-General of Canada at Ottawa receives a message through Colonial Secretary from the Queen, in which her Majesty desires to thank the people of Canada. Oct. 26th.— The death is announced of Sir W. P. Symons, who was wounded at Glencoe, October 20th.
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