Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 4

4 BLACK AXD WHITE BUDGET and twelve men, while there arc no less than ninety-five brave soldiers suffering from wounds more lessor dangerous. We have no news to hand of the Boer losses, but they must have been tremendous, as the cannonades were heavy, and one correspondent describes “clump- of Boers dropping where our shells fell.” The Boers were strongly entrenched amid the precipitous ridges which surround Matanawa’s Kop, and the K op itself was held by a large force. Our artillery were in a knoll in the plain through which the railway runs, and the battle opened at daybreak with an attempt to shell this position. But though the Boers fired first, General White was not long in getting to work. A general advance of the British troops was ordered with the Lancers on the flank, awhile body of cavalry was sent eastward to get round the Boer position. This movement only succeeded in effecting a divertissement, for a murderous fire compelled a halt. Meanwhile, an artillery duel was ongoing which would decide the fortunes of the day, and on the west the Natal Carabineers, the Liverpools, and the King’s Royal were engaged in a smart rifle firing, trying to revenge the slaughter of the Gloucesters and Devons which had taken place at the beginning of the attack. B y one o’clock the enem y’s guns were silenced, and the enemy retired northwards pursued by the Natal Carabineers and the Imperial Light Lieut.-Col. Schiel and Baron von Wickmann Horse. --The Volunteers suffered severely in this charge, but drove the Boers back over the ridges and forced them into their main position in Matanawa’s Kop. The Lancers inter­cepted the retreat further north and the rout was complete. The Boers were last seen flying in all directions. General White had rendered possible his junction with General Yule. Ladysm ith was safe in the event of an attack, and the two Generals could await Joubert with confidence, for the first chapter of the Natal Campaign had ended in a triumph of British strategy and British pluck. Sum mary o f Events from Declaration o f War. Oct. i ith .—WAR !Martial Law is proclaimed throughout the Transvaal, and press messages are subjected to a censorship. Mr. Rhodes leaves for Kimberley. Oct. 12 th .—Mr. Conyngham Greene leaves Pretoria for British territory. The Government's reply to the Boer ultimatum, worded asunder, is to-day handed into the authorities at Pretoria. “Mr. Chamberlain to High Commissioner Sir Alfred Milner. “ 10th October, 1S99. “Her Majesty’s Government have received with great regret the peremptory demands ”of the] Government of South Africa, conveyed in your telegram of qih October. No. 3. You will inform the Government of the South African Republic in reply that the conditions demanded by Government of South African Republic are such as her Majesty’s Government deem it impossible to discuss.”• >Schiel is a German, who ivent to the Transvaal ten years ago, and has, since that time, managed to advance him­self to be Joubert’s right-hand man. He is now a prisoner in the hands of our forces. At Elandslaagte he was shot through both legs. He has taught the Boers how to use their artillery, and he has made a goodly pile
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