Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 2

BLACKs AND IVHITE Oct, loth.—The despatch lianded into the British Agent at Pretoria by Transvaal Government on the 91 !i inst. is received in London. This despatch, which is in the nature of art ultimatum, demands :—(I.) Immediate withdrawal of British troops from Transvaal Border. (II.) Removal from South Africa of all British reinforcements within reasonable time. (III. )An arbitration committee to settle points of mutual difference, and (IV.)An assurance by British Government that British troops now cn mute for Cape shall not be landed in any part of South Africa. Should these conditions not be complied with by an early date (5 p.m., nth inst.), the- Government at Pretoria will feel obliged to regard the non-compliance of themas a tacit declaration of war. A fund is started at CapeTown to relieve the refugees from Transvaal, whose sufferings, now that the exodus has become so very general, are daily growing worse. Swaziland is practically deserted by white nationalities, and Kaffirs arc assembling in large numbers at Kin g’s Kraal. Contingent of New South Wales Lancers leave England for the Cape, amidst scenes of wildest enthusiasm. Parliament at Victoria votes 250 men for service of Home Government 111 South Africa. Troops disembark at Durban, and work of mobilisation goes steadily on. Refugees from Transvaal arrive at Durban from Delagoa Bay, and continue to testify to the brutal conduct of the Boers towards the fugitives. Mines clo?ect at Jagersfontein The British Government propose to Government ol United States the responsibility of safeguarding British interests in the Iransvaai in the event of war, and the Washington Government undertakes the charge. Meeting? throughout this country are held to discuss the Transvaal question, and the Home Government’s policy is almost universally supported. Pres. Kruger Sir Evelyn Wood Sir Kedvcr- Bulici An interesting reminiscence :The second conference between the British and Boers, March,» SS1 Photo taken at O'X iel's Faim at the foot of M ajuba Oct. Ilth .—Under the terms of the Ultimatum, war commenced to-day at 3.10 p.m. p.m. Sou'.ir African time). A report is current that Commandos at Harrismith have made an incursion into Natal, via Van Reenen’s Pass, and this report the Premier of Natal confirms. Large bodies of Boer troops are inclosing upon the Natal frontiers. Newcastle’ and other places in the vicinity receive official warning that military authorities anticipate attack from the Boers. The Boer Commando at Sandspruit is said to number some men, exclusive of a Hollander Corps and an Irish Corps, each comprising 250 men. The British position on the Western Border is considered critical, and Mat afeking a Boer attack is hourly expected. Mr. Conyngham Greene, the British Agent in the Transvaal. leaves Pretoria, and Sir Alfred Milner issues a Proclamation declaring all persons who shall abet the enemy in time of war traitors to the State. More troops arrive at Durban from India, and another 1,500 refugees reach that place from Delagoa Bay. This day being the birthday of President Kruger, anti-English demonstrations take place throughout the Transvaal. A fund for relief of refugees started at tin* Cape, and a branch of the same fund opened at the Mansion House by the Lord Mayor of London. Meetings are held throughout this country 011 the Transvaal crisis, and in particular Lord Rosebery and Mr. Asquith testify their approval of the attitude which her M ajesty’s Government is adopting towards the Transvaal. The work of mobilisation is being continued, and the Victorian and Canadian Governments vote the despatch of Colonial troops for service in South Africa.
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