Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 2

6 BLACK AND WHITE Oct. 6th.— Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman makes an inconclusive speech at Maidstone, decrying the policy of the British Government towards the Transvaal and Mr. Morley runs a meeting on same “patriotic” lines at Carnarvon. Sir G. White and StafF.arrive at East London, and proceed immediately 10 Durban. The authorities at Johannesburg announce their intention to commandeer all j>oid from mines, returning sufficient minted coin for wages, and expenses, and 3,000 native workmen quit the mines. Commander Cronje is pro­moted to the rank of General, and appointed to command of the Western Frontier. Refugees report that the attitude adopted by the Boers towards the fugitives is daily becoming more brutal and offensive. Castle Liner Braem ar Castle, leaves for Soutli Africa, having on board 1500 officers.and men. Lieut.-General sir F. WE. Forestier- Lieut.-General Lcrd Methuen, com- Walker, Commander-m-Chief ac 1 ha manding First Division, First Army Cape Corps Oct. »Jct. 7th .—Army Reserve summoned by Royal Proclamation. Special Service Officers and a company of Army Ordnance Corps leave Southampton for service at the Cape. Lieutenant-General Sir G. White and Staff arrive at Durban, and proceed to Pietermaritzburg. Northumber­ land Regiment arrives at CapeTown, and transports from India are disembarking troops- at Durban. Warrant issued for arrest of Mr. Chamberlain, of Johannesburg- Leader. Green-book on the Transvaal cjuestion issued at Pretoria. Large bodies of Boer troops in position on the Bechuanaland Border, particularly in the environment of Mafeking. Complaints of ill-treatment by hostile Boers of helpless fugitives, who are daily leaving the Transvaal continue to be heard on all sides. 9th. —The Guelfih arrives at Louren^o Marques with cargo of ammunition presumably intended for Boers. II.M .S. Philomel intercepts her, and ammunition is landed at Durban. Boer Commanders at Barberton and Lydenburg now concentrating on borders of Portuguese territory. The state of affairs at Johannesburg grows rapidly worse, and a general state of anarchy is daily feared. Further contingents of Indian troops land at Durban. Gold to the value of ,£30,000 removed from Barberton mine is returned to Pretoria, and the former place is now almost deserted by British subjects. In the various military centres of this country the work of mobilisation is being hurried forward, and. meetings are held throughout the country to discuss the crisis. Lieut.-Gen. Sir GeorgeS White, V .C .,commanding Natal Field Force Col. Sir V V .P. Symons, commanding Fourth Division First Army Corps
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