Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 2

TP A A r S VAAL SPECIAL 5 •Sept. 18 th.— Colonial Office publishes official (ext of Transvaal Government’s reply lo its last despatch. Sept. 19 th .__Loyal North Lancashire R eginvnt and others leave CapeTown lor North. 1 own Guard formed at Kimberley. 1st Battalion Manchester Regiment arrives at Durban, and pro­ceeds immediately to Pietermaritzburg. Sept. 20th .—Sir W. Harcourt at New Tredegar protests against war with the Transvaal. Sept. 2 is t.__More troops leave Bombay for Cape. Free State Raad sits, and President Steyn refuses to advise President of the Sister Republic to accede to the demands put forward by this country. Sept. 22nd.__Cabinet Council held to discuss Transvaal crisis. Burghers reported to bo concentrating in North to defend Limpopo River. Active preparations being made at Woolwich to equip and furnish an Armv Corps. Sept. 2 3rd .—Anti-War Demonstration (fiasco) held in Trafalgar Square. Cape Parliament passes a resolution of confidence in the policy adopted by H.M .Government towards the Transvaal, ist Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers leave Alexandria for South Africa. Bo-?rs assume an aggressive attitude, notably at Charlestown and M afeking. Sept. 25th .—Irish M. P.’s, notably Mr. Davitt, at a {¦meeting Clare, express sympathy with the Transvaal Government. The despatches addressed by Mr. Chamberlain to Sir Alfred Milner tor communication to Transvaal Government are published. They are also read in Volksraad, and An early reply promised. Troops still embarking from Calcutta and Bombay for South Africa. Quantities of ammunition delivered at residence of the Johannesburg Field Cornet during night. Sept. 26th.— Three Batteries of Royal Field Artillery leave Birkenhead for South Africa. Afrikanders of Postmansburg, Griqualand, pass a resolution asking Imperial Government to recall its forces from the border. Volksraad prepares its reply to Chamberlain's despatches. Free State Volksraad passes a resolution declaring that it will honestly and faithfully fulfil its obligations towards the Transvaal. Sept. 27th .—Active preparations ongoing at Aldershot and other military centres throughout this country for the preparation of .111 Army Service Corps to be sent to South Africa. Free .State Raad continues its secret sitting. Sept. 28th.— New Zealand Government decides to equip a force of 200 men for service in South Africa. Sir C Tupper, at Halifax, proposes that Canadian Government equip a force of 1,200 men for service at the Cape. Sept. 29th.— Cabinet Council held to discuss situation in Transvaal. Boer troops massing on all sides. Intense and prolonged excitement at Johannesburg. Great inllux of refugees to New­castle. Transvaal Government despatches its reply to last communication of British Government from Pretoria. More Boer troops leave for Volksrust.- New Zealand oilers <o equip a contingent of Mounted Riflemen for use of I Iome Government, and the military Commandants of Australian Colonies meet at Melbourne to discuss a scheme for organi­ sation of a combined force for use in South Africa. Sept. 30 th .—Meetings held throughout the country to discuss the Transvaal difficulty. Messrs. Davilt, O’ Brien and Co. again to the fore in Dublin. All Circuit and Civil Courts in Pretoria closed by Government Pmclamation. Indiscriminate commandeering universal -at Johannesburg and at Pretoria. Large bodies of troops, munitions of war. and supplies are now being despatched from these latter places to Volksrust and (lie Border, where large bodies of Boer troops are now massing. Exodus to CapeTown continues. British and Col o'nfcvl-troops concentrating on the Natal border. /Oct. 2 nd.— Some 2,000 Natal Volunteers proceed to the front, and are quartered in the neighbourhood oi Ladysmith. Boer troops massing 011 the border of Bechuanaland. Anxiety is felt at Mafeking. Exodus from the Transvaal assumes large proportions. President Steyn m akesan abortive effort to induce the Powers, with the co-operation of the United States, to interfere as arbitrators between Great Britain and the Transvaal. Oct. 3rd .—Troops from India arrive, and are disembarked at Durban. The Proclamation granting pro­tection to the mining industry has now been officially withdrawn. Exodus continues, and many of the refugees complain bitterly of the treatment meted out to them cn route by hostile Boers. Transvaal telegrams unduly delayed. Oct. 4 th. —Mail Train from Transvaal to Cape stopped at Vereeniging, and week’s shipment of gold for England commandeered by order of the Boer Government. Defensive works at Mafe­ king now proceeding apace. Boer forces in the field roughly estimated to number some 12,000. Troops of Free State concentrating at Harrismith and Boshof. Boer Council of War held at Volksrust. *Oct. 5th. —Boer force mustered at Vollcsrust still on the increase, and now estimated to number, w'un the Free State force, something approaching 20,000 men. Mayor of Newcastle receives, through the Premier, a communication from Governor of Natal, who states that the General Commanding has informed him that the force at his disposal is insufficient to protect that town casein of hostile advance by Boer troops. Mobilisation of burghers is actively being pushed forward at Pretoria and the state of things Mat afeking, and 011 the border of Bechuanaland, is still considered very critical. The Government of Queensland receives orders that its contingent must be despatched before 31st of the month. Mr. Chamberlain replies to a petition in favour of peaceful settlement addressed to the Queen by some members of the Cape Parliament, wherein he supports the policy adopted by Home Government.
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