Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 1

2 BLACK AND WHITE THE BRITISH FLAG IN SOUTH AFRICA. ----------------------------TH ISis how it came about. The Dutch were in South Africa before us, but in the strongest period o f their occupation they could barely holdout against their native neighbour.-''. From the days o f Van R iebeck, in 1651, to the final occupation o f the Cape by the British in 1806, the Dutch settlers were in perpetual unrest. Such o f the Negro races as they could conquer, they enslaved and in all the history o f the world moreno brutal slavery has been recorded. N o wonder that the borders were uncertain, and that the tribes from the North swept at times in revenge over the outlying farmsteads. Since 1806, when Commander Jaan -sens and his five thousand men capitu­lated to a British force o f six regiments, the Cape has been British, and will be British to the end o f time. K a ffir wars in 1811,1819 ,and 1835, and up to 1853, gave our workforces to do, but victory always followed our arms. The Boers rebelled in 1815 ,only to be crushed. It discontent, and that discontent was not at W e gave the slaves their freedom the Boers trekked, ten thousand strong, across the Orange River. The trekking Boers wandered on through what is now the Orange Free State, through the D rakensberg mountains, into Natal. In 1840 the Dutch hoisted the flag“ N atalia,” but the British Government wisely disallowed the independence o f the new Republic, and after long fighting obtained the submission o f the trekkers. In 1843 Natal was proclaimed a British colony, and thousands o f natives were saved from slavery and inhumanity. Determined to rule themselves and their native servants as they pleased, the Boers trekked again in 1S48 into the Transvaal. In this year, 1848, the British Government annexed the whole o f the upcountry to the V a al, much to the disgust o f the Natal Boers who had HE BRITISH FLAC . _ .'r 'in. tike Tret/(X\atd. hieh cbcytC LTtef/ Hut lift i y u s t 2 ~~J S H !^ye ctr s i In rlltcs C lit tic* n.fjtf i u e .yr fJri.c fm to,t Lcvr Liu RESURGAM BELOW THIS MONUMENT LIES THE BRITISH FLAG A T PRETORIA .was not till 1835 that they again showed our bad government but at our humanity.
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