Under the Union Jack, No. 28, Vol. 2, May 19th 1900

65° UNDER THE UNION JACK. x May 10. ly O \THE WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA. -----^r r —:PERV ARC .PERTER P A K *THE HONOR K B HIE E D WORTH TtU l B TON,& Officer s'and "M enc f i S of rm: \>val Brigade or H-M -S Powkiu’ul ^.Simon** Ray. Sou thArp }c*\ A8 m | tift In bah nita t?o f ‘yimon^lowrj V fje, Naval S K o q ,rejoice. KjaK ffji*, opportunity ij. afforded u= .or? bafcelf o fall loyal c?ou\fj Africa o ^,of welcoming \bu back from t f c ‘jc a fl'o war, ar?d t o rc ro rd our I admiraK6>7 o f tfreA w ycc^ picuou^ par+ yxjb ave, performed gir?->o a ila rjtfy a rx i*v« f(jily uptfoldwg tt?c Be^K fed ifio for^ tffc f f rife b Nav v ar?d ir? rosirw Sinifig ¦ itfe ^upraracy o f o u rU ucar? ar?d E m p ^ire-----------------------------------' 2 . y s proud< 5 rccoaoizcti^K'-^ . N avai Brigade .ba^ materially contributed t S t fc brilliant^ uccewes wf?icJ? Ija v ti a H ijd c d b u ran r^ip foutt? '\\Africa i3nr^Kmmr7 Jfj> cfi|& b i3 v w y of\ W comrade w o bave sacrificed life to duty, ii? tf*j.cau>i c f j p a a.-jd foed'on? tS our co u n tfyn w ir? Kji^ lar?d a w if^ a fe o y anpong yb u are. j i f l l sup ring fiat e ffw #of da r jg^ a fld privation tf?rougb wbicJ? ,yb u l^av& F ^jed W~. bowwsr tfu^r-ffTa voyage. f y o m c-ar?d trowel tome a w a i I ir?g y x j tfjtrt. will \yru$miaQ<i ^ rv^ iriw ^cu arxJ tfjal')fcu maybe. (or^ p j red t f c f r j K’’ ofybirg ^ iiarrt'acliSi?? 117 tfc div a Jo p t'own f it7 i'>cour?tfy,a^a united A fric a.t^ irfS lon-g o u ^Old Unio r? Jack-.----- Oo bcr?alf o f 0 i Inhabit ant o f 5 irw T^oo 6 w Qr). jlm o r n ToY Jn Manet ?)SQ 0. M ayor.______ IN H ONO FOUR THE NAVY .The address presented to the Ladysmith Naval Brigade by the inhabitants of Simonstown. _____ “THE TRANSVAAL WAR ALBUM” is having an unprecedented sale v H**
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