Eastern Province Herald October 28th 1948

A RHODESIAN-NYAS ALAND MERGER? H.M.S. THESEUS LEAVES CAPETOWN WAR ON MISUSE OF THE SOIL ¦--------------------------------------------------1 JOHANNESBURG BUILDING SOf.IFTY THE KEY T O YOUR FINANCIAL MATTERS Branch Managers:— A.W. PUDNEY &SON. GRACE STREET Phone 5650. ESTABLISHED 1845 U.K. RESISTANCE IS THE BARRIER, SAYS SIR G. HUGGINS U.S.A. INTEREST IN AFRICA VOL .104— No. 248 ’PHONE 2233-4—5—6. Authorised Medium for Government Notices. PORT ELIZABETH, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28,1948 Reg iste red at the G.P.O. as a newspaper. Price l!d. GRAHAMSTOWN POTTERY 21-Piece Tea Sets £2/17/6 ASSORTED FLOWER BOWLS A M )VASES ....O/ Q In Attractive Colourings. From, Upwards. 0/3111 MAIN STREET PORT ELIZABETH. PROFITS IN COPPER LONDON, Wednesday. JJOAN ANTELOPE copper mines of Rhodesia, one of the world’s biggest copper producers, gave the London Stock Exchange a pleasant surprise to-day by announc- RELATIONS WITH S.A. Visit O f Royal Navy Units AIRCRAFT CARRIER AND TWO DESTROYERS T^HE aircraft carrier H.M.S. Theseus and the destroyers H.M.S. Alamein and Agincourt are due to anchor in the road­ stead at Port Elizabeth at 7 a.m. [A .®Africa was very much in the limelight just now, the U .K .Government would have to recon­sider the situation if it really meant business, he said. Any scheme agreed toby the British Government would have to be submitted to the people of Southern Rhodesia by referen­dum, ashe did not believe in splitting the country on some­ thing that was not alive issue. He had always believed that an amalgamation was the most sensible scheme, but now a feder­ation had been suggested.“ I had always believed,” Sir Godfrey added, “that the three territories should be under one Treasury, which means one Gov- APARTHEID ACCEPTED WITHOUT DEBATE Closing Session In City Of i%t _ »i* _ .tar* _____ .This view of the flight deck o f H.M.S. Theseus was taken as the aircraft carrier put to sea from CapeTown yester­day to take part in a naval flying demonstration before leaving for Port Elizabeth. The Royal Marine band was play­ing as the warship passed through the dock .entrance.—..*» MINISTER WARNS FARMERS AGAINST UNREASONABLE PRICE DEMANDS DURBAN ,Wednesday.—(S apa). rPH E Minister of Agriculture, Mr. S.P. le Roux, warned farmers, when he opened the annual con­gress o f the South African Agricultural Union here to-night, that although the Government strongly supported the Marketing, Soil Conservation and Co­ operative Acts, they must not make demands that were too high. The Marketing Act and the con­trol schemes, said the Minister, had not yet been called upon to face the real test. The operation of the Act thus far had coincided with the period o f rising prices, and the stabilisation of prices under the Act had benefited the consumer more than the producer. The millions of pounds sacri­ficed by the farmers, in the interests of general price stability, must serve as a guarantee of fair treatment in the future. The Government would not leave the farmers in the lurch, but the farmers should not be unreason­able in their price demands. “It is clear that we can no longer depend ui>on the food surpluses of other countries, and experts are already warning us that the possibilities for the development of any country will, in future, be limited by the amount of food it is able to pro­duce for the maintenance of its own population. That maybe a pessimistic view, but it does give an indication of world food trends and warns us to be prepared,” said the Minister. FOOD SUPPLIES “One thing is certain no country can, in future, depend upon the outside world for the bulk of its food supplies. If, therefore) we are to become a great industrial 'country, our Jgi'icultuiiiii production must keep NAZI LEADERS ACQUITTED WAGING WAR FOR HITLER NO CRIME NUREMBERG, Wednesday. ^H IR TEEN important Nazi military leaders have been cleared by the American military tribunal of ,criminal guilt in planning and waging Hitlers wars of aggression. Amongst others the tri­bunal acquitted Field-Marshal Hugo Sperle, the 72-year-old commander of the German air fleet which bombed Lon­don during the blitz. He was freed immediately after the Court adjourned.— (Sapa-U.P.). the land that we farm as afield for exploitation, but rather as a sacred trust, to be used in an orderly way, and to be handed down undamaged to succeeding generations,” he said. In the Soil Conservation Act he read a declaration of war against neglect, misuse and exploitation of the soil. Not only were the farmers awake to the. situation, but the entire country had became la H B lic ,conscious. This fvas LONDON, Wednesday.— (Sapa). A PLAN for Southern and Northern Rhodesia to workout a federation scheme— including Nyasa- land— for submission ,to the British Government, was announced to-day by Sir Godfrey Huggins, the Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia. Speaking at a press conference, Sir Godfrey said: Up to now, the thing that has always stopped any further discussion, has been the attitude of the United Kingdom Government, but it cannot goon resisting this forever unless it wants to dam up Africa in perpetuity.”
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