Eastern Province Herald November 3rd 1948

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NnvolliiK, I* oxpccted to k Iv o evidence before thu Commission. Ho will bo followed by repre­sentatives of the Marketing Council.— (Sapa). ACTS OF SABOTAGE IN A NATIVE LOCATION HARRISMITH, Tuesday. —At an emergency meeting of the Town Council here yesterday to discuss affairs in the Native loca­tion, it was decided to ask the Minister of Native Affairs and his Department for help, and, if necessary, intervention. For some months there have been acts of sabotage such as wire-cutting and the breaking of windows, and there have also been threats to officials. Yesterday the town ranger, Mr. W.A.de Villiers, was assaulted and injured when he tried to impound Native cattle.— (Sapa). |RingLeaders I prepare for I Christmas i „,m .........................mm i m Every year the demand from Happy couples allover South Africa for Salters Rings in­creases. 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CHRISTMAS GIFTS Never before have Salters had such a wonderful stock to offer or been better organised than now to serve and satisfy you. Judge said that he had no doubt that Tydodi took the) articles! off the balcony. It only remained for him to slip out of the room and tukn Vie things with him. THICK WARNED "You buv*! avery bad record," Mr. Justice Reynolds told him. "You have been convicted of almost every klml of dishonest crime and every kind of punish­ment has been tried on you, In­cluding strokes. You have been warned of the indeterminate sen­tence twice, and from the dates of your crime sheet it appears that you have only recently outcome of gaol. There is certainly only one sentence that this Court can pass on you, and that is to declare you an habitual criminal and to impose the indeterminate sentence.” Two young Natives, Gilbert Nduyo and Simboto George, were found guilty of criminally as­saulting a Coloured woman in the bush at Forest Hill on the evening of July 12, and both were sent to gaol for three years. In finding Leonard Mbobela, a Native, guilty of culpable homi­cide, Mr. Justice Reynolds said that there were very strong grounds for a recommendation to mercy. Mbobela, he said, stood a lot of provocation from the de­ceased, and stood it very well. Evidence showed that on the night of April 24, the dead man, Richard Nqikwa, had accused Mbobela of swearing at him and had then struck Mbobela with a stick. Mbobela had attempted to pacify Npikwa, but without suc­cess. Mbobela had then retali­ated and inflicted wounds from which Nqikwa died. GREATLY PROVOKED “This is a casein which I feel a great deal of sympathy for the accused. He behaved himself very well up to a stage. He was greatly provoked and killed a man by going too far when he retaliated. “He did not use the knife, which most Natives carry and souse freely, but he used a stick. In those circumstances we will im­pose a suspended sentence,” he said. A sentence of three months imprisonment with hard labour was suspended for a year on con­dition that accused is not con­victed of any crime involving serious violence during that time. Rings from£ 0/01/7 upwards. 91 MAIN STREET ,PO RTE LIZ A BETH .DEATH SENTENCES COMMUTED (PT Y .)LTD Phone ?746. The death sentence, which was passed on 12 Native men inKing- williamstown on March 20 for the murder of three Native police constables, has been commuted by the Governor-General-in- Council to life imprisonment. At the time that the 12 men were sentenced to death, eight others were imprisoned for ten years and one to five years for the same crime. The murders were committed on October 22,1947. -okider the German attack it was V tteries of the 5th%Field that were chosen covert^ the retreat of their felloes. And naturally the regiment lost heavily. STOHIES OF GALLANTRY Out of the regimental records of this chaotic time, known generally as the“ Gazala Gallop,” when batteries and even troops were split and scattered, come stories of individual initiative and gallantry, stories of gun teams, short of ammunition, dropping into action under heavy fire from tanks, and fighting back to chalk up another smok­ing enemy wreck to their credit. After its losses the 5th Field was disbanded as a regiment, but its individual batteries making up the gaps in other regi­ments, played their part in stop­ping Rommel and turning the tide at Alamein, and played it so well that in one troop alone there were two decorations. The Regiment was reformed as an A.C.F. unit after the war, and now has batteries here and in East London. The 5th Field gives scope for men of all sorts of in­terests, Lt. Col. R. Graham, the C.O., outpointed yesterday. There is room for brains in the survey teams, the computing teams, and for both brain and brawn on the guns. Radio operators and truck drivers, cooks and clerks, ma­chine gunners and mechanics, are all to be found in the regi­ment. The 5th Field could be contacted by phoning 2036, said Col. Graham, where prospective recruits could get any informa­tion they wanted. If you want to look your best, WEAR STOCKINGS Seamless for casual wear, giving tanned leg effect. 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