Eastern Province Herald November 3rd 1948

EASTERN PROVINCE HERALD, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3,19483 MORE BARGAINS ARE MADE AVAILABLE EACH 19/S -FROCKS ..................................Were up to 55/-. COATS .......................................Were £5/19/6. BATHING COSTUMES ...Were 21/-. HANDBAGS ............................Were 10/6-12/6. GLOVES (Kid and Fabric) Were 23/2-45/6. Pair SATIN SLIPS .......................Were 15/6-28/8. BEING DAY. 39/S /67969/6- Each 51-9/119/1110/“2/11-4/113/11- /-Main Street and 53 Adderley Street PORT ELIZABETH Rely on WESTCLOX for The famous W elp|g|| La Satie wrist wat to choose from, smart styling, your a Salle, III., U.S.A. Trade Enquiries: Picot« Moss Ltd., Johannesburg LEARNING A PROUD TRADITION 3810-5 Sequel To Railway Constable’s Death Training with the 5th Field Regiment S.A.i.. this A.C.F. gun detachment is learning the split second teamwork that hand­ling modern field guns involves. The No. 1, the N.C.O. in charge of the detachment, raises his arm to acknowledge an ord^r, while the layer is busy with his sights. One of the City’s newer regiments, the 5th Field during the last war, added its own fighting record to the proud tradition of the Artillery. Solution To Marketing Oj S.A. Produce JUDGE PUNISHES OLD OFFENDER S.A.A.U. MEMORANDUM TO COMMISSION PRETORIA, Tuesday. MEMORANDUM submitted by the South African Agricul­tural Union to the Commission of Inquiry into the Marketing and Marketing Board system, when it met under the chairmanship of Senator D. Jackson here to-day, said it was the firm opinion of the Union that the only satisfactory form of production, processing, marketing and distribution of agricultural produce was that underdeveloped the statutory control provided by the Market­ing, Co-operative and Soil Con­servation Acts. "Supporting evidence was given by the President of the Union, Mr. J. Rossouw and Mr. B. H. Ryder and Mr.S. W. Chater. Referring to soil requirements and conservation, the memoran­dum said there could be no escape from the fact that under present conditions where the farmer was affected by so many economic factors beyond his individual INDETERMINATE SENTENCE A.C.F. UNIT WITH A TRADITION The indeterminate sentence was passed on a Native, Stephen Ndodi, when he was found guilty by Mr. Justice F. G. Reynolds and two assessors in the Criminal Circuit Court yesterday of his 25th offence. He-' stole two blan­kets, two pillows and a pillow­case from the Provincial Hospital on June 29. Evidence was given by a staff nurse and a porter of the hos­pital that they found Ndodi with the stolen articles in his posses­sion in a room in which the ser­vants kept cleaning utensils. A Native patient told the Court that he had seen Ndodi take the bedding off a balcony in the mili­tary annexe and walk off with it. Ndodi’s defence was that he had previously been a inpatient the hospital and that on his dis­charge he had been told to report for treatment. On the evening he was found in, the room he came for treatment, but it was too late to seethe doctor he decided to spend the night in the room and visit the doctor the next morn­ing. He denied taking the bed­ding off the balcony, but said that it had been in the room when he entered it. In finding Ndodi guilty the Judge _said that he had no dijubt FINE FIGHTING RECORD MEN HAVE SCOPE IN 5TH FIELD REGIMENT S.A. ARTILLERY Out at Driftsands young men from Port Elizabeth are being trained to uphold the traditions of one of Port Elizabeth’s younger A.C .F. regiments, which in its short history since its mobilisation in 1940 has built up a fine fighting record. This is the 5 th Field Regiment, South African Artillery, which was raised in the Port Elizabeth area in the dark days of the war. After training at Potchef- stroom, the 5th Field went North with the 2nd South African Divi­sion and was one of the regi­ments that took part in the at­tack which speedily smashed the strongholds of Bardia and Hal- fiya, firing the first shot “in anger” on Dec. 7,1941. Moved to a position in the Gazala line, the regiment settled down to months of accompanying armoured carson patrol and suffering the attacks of flies and t tukas. When the line cracked i "?0 V *tho normon ottonlr -it nroB ALLEGATION OF HOMICIDE Edward William Gillespie (29) a sheet metalworker, of 7 Hunt Street, was committed for trial on a charge of culpable homicide, at the conclusion of a preparatory examination in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday. The charge arose out o f the death of a European Railway Police Constable, Stephanus Johannes Hendrik Gouws, from injuries received on the seawall near the Railway Station on the afternoon of October 16. It is alleged that Gillespie caused Gouws to fall and strike his head on the concrete. The constable died cf a fractured skull and extra jufc1 haemorrhage. W VI v t a ted that the accfelied .pb J’.ws appeared to ha, wb dpyedi eu. ‘^lu%^ ercation, after wfe n um lk V ck Gouws on th'irge Dole*^ a to fall to the S S-yn HAP K V V demandins fistfpoint v W ° i the anglers on*e Chest A ° f Oak nOn‘ t% pare Bel°°sA'#_ Etc REMITS i ^.^that when-‘ to show his qu’est’ oned the con- Gouw permit ’stable’s authority. The constable then produced what seemed to bean ordinary letter, whereupon the angler refused to supply his name and address. The constable was in plainclothes and, according to a S.A. Railways and Harbours police sergeant, was riot on duty at the time. Another witness said that Gouws was under the influence of liquor at the time and was in a similar state when he had visited the wall on previous occasions. He always asked for permits, but after awhile the anglers took little notice of him. After he fell, Gouws was taken to an hotel by a friend, examined •by a doctor, and then removed to hospital, where he subsequently died. An Attractive Plat­form Soled Sandal, Styled in White Calf. 32/6 H 0 I--t-- This Cool, ALight, t t r active Slingback Court is available in Brown Calf. Also White Nubuck. I 4 5 /-Y €ulhbeds For those Long Swirling Skirts :Available in Red Elk, Black Suede and White Nubuck. w 45- o This Fashionable Cuban Heel Sandal Type Shoe is styled in Black Suede. CuthbedsV/ M H 4 5 /-Put Yours elfIn Our Shoes 0 D MAIN STREET .PO RTE LIZ A BETH .(po o<------->o<— —>n<-------> n<r n ¦>n <------->n< ------->Q <—^0<=>0 JEW YOU Something New in Permanent Waving. The New Controlled Oil Machineless Comfort Perm. More Beautiful and Natural Waves —with the Pad that thinks. No Pulling and no machines. We also do the Jamal and Cold Perm 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 no
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