Eastern Province Herald November 3rd 1948

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A Commun­ist spokesman said afterwards that the Secretary promised to transmit the British Communist Party’s protest against the trials to Washington. Later, in pouring rain, the demonstrators chanted, “Vote for Wallace,” while Embassy officials peered out of the windows.— (Sapa-Reuter). JEEP NEGOTIATES DANGEROUS PASS (From Our Own Correspondent) rtertzog, then it would be clear that he belonged with the United Party.'’ It was to be expected that he would declare himself at the forthcoming Afrikaner Party Congress in Brakpan on Decem­ber 1, but if he did not do so then he would not be able to remain as quiet next year after the Nationalists had revealed their intentions with regard to Native representation in Parliament. VOTES AGAINST NATS. Referring to the results of the recent general elections, he said that something like five-ninths of the votes were against the Nationalist Party. Approximately a quarter of a million people never took the trouble to cast their votes. DURBAN, Tuesday.— The first successful crossing by a motor vehicle of the precipitous 9,000 ft. Tsani Pass, between Natal and Basutoland, was made last week in a jeep driven by Mr. W. C.G. Edmonds, of Kokstad, a repre­sentative of a Durban motor firm. The crossing was undertaken on behalf of the Basutoland Adminis­tration as an experiment in the use of motor transport over the Pass in place of the pack ponies now used. The Basutoland Administration considers the experiment a siV- cess, and it is probable that thev road will be improved to allow r n V F R NOR TTFW FY A the inauguration of a .regular v ,v' v A motor service over the Pass. REPORTS FAVOUR MR. DEWEY NEW YORK, Tuesday: —Mr. Dewey’s election campaign man­ager said tp-day that election re­ports from a number of sources indicated that Mr. Dewey would be overwhelmingly elected.— (Sapa-Reuter), ducts at comparable prices, and consequent reluctance among the manufacturing trades to buy their intermediate products at prices inline with the cost of wool. “It is not attributed to ab­sence of trade, therefor is evi­dence of a continued strong world demand for woollen good^ of all types, provided they can be supplied at attractive prices.” EUROPEAN COMPETITION In addition to buyers from Britain and Europe, the report adds, American and Australian local buyers have entered the Australian market for the first time this season, and European competition has widened to in­clude Italy and Russia. “The indications are that good business in intermediate products is waiting to be placed when manufacturers are satisfied that wool prices have reached a stable basis,” the report says. “Business in wool tops has been done at slightly better prices in the past week or two.”— (Sapa). If, instead of the average polling in the general election being 80 percent., it had been 82 percent., then the United Party would have been returned with a greater majority than the Nationalists now hold, he said.— (Sapa). (News by D. van den Heever, Jeppe Street, Johannesburg). HEAVY VOTING iN U.S. CITIES foundered and capsized near herein a gale early to-day. As the tide went down, it be­came possible to reach the wreck of the tanker, lying bottom up In Penberth Cove. The hull was sounded, but there was no re­sponse and it was feared that there was no chance of rescuing any men who might be trapped inside. Only one survivor has so far been found.— (Sapa-Reuter). NEW GERMAN POLICE ORGANISATION? BERLIN, Tuesday.— According to the Berlin newspaper“ Tele- graf” to-day, attempts have been made in the Soviet zone of Ger­many to recruit a secret reserve police force. The paper said the reserve would be called up If the regular police forces should prove insufficient. Lists of persons who have been asked to join the new police organisation are said to have been stolen, hut those named on the lists have received letters from an und&rcround anti-Communist organisation warning them against ''joining*— (Sapa-Reuter). For. children in summer Virol is a valuable food for children, especially in Summertime. It supplies just those nutritive factors needed daily to replenish the energy and vitality lost through greater activity.% Virol soothes overtired nerves and ensures that health- giving sleep so necessary to growing children. Virol FOR VITALITY STRONG FAVOURITE (Continued from Page 1) ing across Illinois, is expected to favour the Democrats. The rural areas of the State are predominantly Republican. In Chicago, where the Demo­crats have their greatest strengh, the polling stations are close to the voters’ homes and the weather is not expected to have much effect. ELABORATE POLICE GUARD Two hours after the polls opened in New York City at 11 o'clock ,(G.M.T.) 15 percent, of the 3,323,520 registered voters had gone to the polls. In New York the most elaborate police guard in the city’s history was in operation. About 9,000 police were assigned to 4,365 polling stations. In New York there were com­plaints of defective voting machines. Representative Vito Marcantonio, whose 18th Con­gressional District is the scene of a bitterly fought three-way contest, alleged that the Board of Elections sent broken-down machines to the district to hinder voting for him. Voting machines are being used in many States as abetter method of preserving secrecy than ballot papers. Police officials reported that in the Clintonville precinct a ballot box was found stuffed with 17 Democratic ballots when the polls opened. (See earlier story on Page 4) SICK or AILING? SOMETHING NEW fOR YOU A system o f healing that has proved efficient. 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