Eastern Province Herald November 3rd 1948

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For senior cyclists there is a mile handicap race and for juniors a five-mile scratch event. Difficult Task“ J T is doubtful if ever the Eastern Province cricket selectors have had to face a more difficult task to provide a good all-round provincial XI., than this season,” writes“ Leg-stump.” “The dearth of good bowlers in all clubs, with perhaps the ex­ caption of Union, is the cause of this difficulty. Excellent bat­ting displays against mediocre bowling are apt to be very misleading, and it is just here that the selectors may come a cropper. There are a number of batsmen who are genuinely good, and others who have been made to look good through poor bowling. Trial Match “As matters stand at the moment, it seems that atrial match is necessary before picking a provincial team. In­stead of “mixed grill ”in each side, I would place the bulk of Easterns’ attack in a team to oppose what is considered to bethe strongest batting side. It would not abe case of one or the other side winning it would be played to enable the selectors to see if certain probable batsmen can withstand our best attack. It would also serve to show the value of the attack, which would need to be above the average when facing the M.C.C. team.” Three Inter-Provincials JN reply to“ Leg-stump,” who is evidently more concerned about providing a strong pro­vincial side to meet the M.C.C. than anything else, it should be outpointed that Eastern Province have to meet Border and Free inState the City, and Western Province at Newlands, before playing the English tourists here. So there will be plenty of time to separate the wheat from the chaff before that date— January 8,10 and 11. Saturday’s Baseball Saturday the senior league baseball matches start and two games are down for decision. Pirates will entertain P.E. Muni­cipals at Uitenhage, while General Motors meet Firestone on the Walmer ground. In a recent friendly game, Pirates narrowly got home against P.E.M. by two runs, and this will abe close match. General Motors seem to have improved a lot since their first outing, and on Saturday they beat Pirates by 28 runs to 20 in a high-scoring friendly game at Uitenhage. When Firestone met G.M. in a k.o* match at the begin­ning of the season, the former won by 13 runs to six, abut much harder match can be expected on Saturday. It is not .yet certain whether the k.o. final u c m t c u itcu cm vii v aim ei will be played this Saturday or next wed!, when the Oval will be available. Popular Sportsman Passes JN his day, the late Allan Reid, who died in CapeTown on Sunday, was one of the most popular sportsmen in the Western Province. Playing for the West­ern Province Club, he was accounted a splendid opening batsman, who, when once set scored freely and compiled some useful totals. His form roundabout 1901 was good enough to earn him a place in the South African team which visited England that year. He did not, however, play in the Tests over­seas. In Currie Cup cricket he played 26 innings for Western Province, his highest score being 101 not out. From 1903 to 1909 he headed the batting averages in club matches on four occasions He was also a rattling good full­back at rugby, figuring in that position for Villagers. proper form to the annual general meeting of the Union next year, were made. These related to the booking of seats for matches against the All Blacks, inter-pro- vincial fixtures next season, more matches between town and country teams and the appoint­ment of referees in the country. It was also suggested that con­ferences of this nature beheld every year. The recommendations of the meeting were recorded as follows: BOOKING OF SEATS 1. In regard to the booking of seating accommodation for the All Black matches next-year, sug­gestions should be called for from clubs for consideration by a special sub-committee of the Union to be constituted to deal with the question. PROVINCIAL FIXTURES 2. The sub-committee which has been appointed for the purpose of arranging inter -provincial CHOSEN FOR CAPE PROVINCE XI the effect that the Union has under consideration some method of abetter inter-change between town and country teams. The Graaff Reinet delegates put for­ward a tentative scheme which will be submitted to clubs for their views, and Rhodes also had suggestions to make in this con­nection. The Graaff Reinet sug­gestion was that town and country senior clubs be divided into two sections with an equal number of town and country teams in each section, and that a friendly competition on these lines be established which would not interfere with the existing competitions. REFEREES The Midlands Sub-Union con­stitute a Sub-Area Committee of the Referees Society embracing Cradock, Somerset East, Adel fords and Fort Beaufort, and that this Sub-Area Committee collaborate with the Grahamstown Sub-Area Committee to formulate rules for the appointment of referees in the Midlands area. It was further resolved that the Karroo Sub-Union also setup Sub-Area Committees for Northern and Southern Karroo respectively, which would like­wise formulate rules relating to the appointment of referees, taking as a basis the existing method operating in the Karroo area. The general feeling of the meeting was that a panel of referees in the country towns should be drawn up each season and from this the home side should submit names to the visiting side who would choose the referee from the names so submitted. from East London to take part in the women’s events against Alman and Purdon from Rhodes, Mrs. Grobler, the S.A. discus and javelin champion, and the loqal Atlanta women, L. Stander,S. Black, deE. Beer and C. Veitch. l :GUARDS THREE QUICK GOALS BROUGHT VICTORY BRUSSELS, Tuesday.— Before a crowd of 40,000 the London Football Association X I beat Diables Rouges, the Belgian re­presentative side, by four goals to three here yesterday. The Bel­gian team impressed in the early stages and led by 1—0 at halftime. Midway through the second half they were leading by three goals to one but their defence cracked and three quick goals brought victory to the London team.— (Sapa-Reuter.) PROTECTION &SECURITY for lour Property! PHONE 86897. Our Representa­tive will call. 18 PATER SON ROAD, P O RTE LIZ A BETH. P.E. &DIST. TENNIS LEAGUE FIXTURES The above picture shows Len Hutton caught behind the wicket A.B.by Reid, off H.G. Owen-Smith, in the M.C.C.- Western Province match at Newlands. Witte is the infielder the slips. Reid lias been chosen to keep wicket for the Cape Province XI. against the M.C.C. in a match starting on Saturday. The following are Saturday’s fixtures in the P.E. and District mixed doubles tennis leagues: Division 1: St. George’s v. Uitenhage “B” P.E.M. v. Wedg­wood P.E. v.“B” Uitenhage “A. Division 2: Queens v. Uitenhage “A” Wembley v. Uitenhage “B” Oval v. W almer P.E.I. v. Victoria Park P.E.M. v. St. George’s. Division 3 “A”: Uitenhage “A’v. Victoria Park Windyridge v. Park Avenue Villiers v. Ed- works P.E. v. Springbok “A :Police v. Wembley. Division 3 “B”: Walmer v. New­ton Park Uitenhage v.“B” Queens P.E.M. v. P.E.I. Spring­bok v.“B” Oval Wedgwood v. Villiers. Division 4: Police v. P.E.I. Queens v. Wedgwood Victoria Park v. Edworks Oval v. Park Avenue Newton Park v. Walmer. Division 5: P.E.I. v. Wedgwood Springbok, v. Windyridge Vic­toria Park a bye. LIEGE, Tuesday.— Liege drew one goal all, with a Derby County English League, Division I side here yesterday. At halftime Liege led by 1—0.— (Sapa-Reuter.) I PARAFFIN BURNING LANTERNS, LAMPS andIRONS FOR THE HOME NOT EQUIPPED WITH ELECTRICITY: The articles illustrated will fill your every requirement. Coleman Lanterns are world-famous. New models are fitted with shut-off valves (avoids repumping each time Lantern is lighted). Many other new features. At Right: This DeLuxe Model l'ahle Lamp is easy to operate. No odour, no smoke. Efficient, economical, safe and beautiful. Coleman Self Heating Irons: Anew streamlined modern iron with natural grip handle and hand- protecting air- cooled head. For use outdoors or indoors. A masterpiece of efficiency, simpli­city and economy. Obtainable from all Genea-al Dealers. Factory Distributors: PHONE 2814 .STRANDS T .,PORT ELIZABETH.
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